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Thursday, June 17, 2010

June17th EKG

Cannot score this one for the Gipper- only partially correct till 3;30
but we are still at 67%
got 37 yes verses 56 total
I dont know if 258bars hit at 3:30, but it certainly did behave that way
POWER Index shows potential for DOWN - UP - DOWN With possible up close as a maybe
and YES it also shows huge GAP down Monday

THis is ONE of those problem areas that I cannot seem to solve for greater accuracy-daily
Picking the END OF DAY as above.
I CHOSE the one below this AM because there is a 258 bar cycle supposed to hit at 4pm
Maybe I should post 2 charts
1. Primary
2. Alternate
any suggestions??

Today's cycles

26 hours at 10am
high energy at 10:54am

180 bars appears was truncated yesterday AT 3:30pm

204bars @ 11;30
228bars @ 1;30pm
258bars at 4pm might be exact **
or open tomrrow

then tomrrow could open higher till that 11am daily turn

Reading seems to indicate a high this morning and drop off later concurring with the EKG
Later CAME as SOON as 10am & 26 HOUR CYCLE

Activity index was at 166 at 8am
now at 233 at open
rose to 266
Now at 11am at 233

more later
More now at 10:30am
10AM came in RIGHT ON SCHEDULE= Rebound high and PLUNGE right after
GOT short just before 10am in 2 accounts and just after 10am in another account

REGARDLESS of the day to day fluctuations ,
I am planning to HOLD these trades until JUNE25th at 3pm

Low on 22nd
rally on 23rd
DN-up on 24th
DN on 25th to a low
26th is a Bradley date.

Power index for next week will be available on Sunday nite


Reza said...


I recently changed the kitchen sink, if anyone need the old one

Reza said...

comment from a professional trader

ES has now touched the IT primary trend line at 1116.75 and so it will be interesting to see the reaction in this area. That IT trend line was the upside target for the Stops and Targets Bull 8 multitrend configuration, and it has now been met.

There is very little significant resistance above the IT primary trend line until the 1140 area, so if the IT trend flips, then the upside could be quick and furious. On the other hand, if the IT downtrend is going to reassert, then this could be the general area where that happens, now that stops have been run and a key technical target has been achieved.

…all the necessary elements are in place for a good trade here…risk, potential reward, and uncertainty.

The key VST bull/bear line remains at 1103.50, which was the trading range breakout and the mini range should be between ST support at 1092 and IT resistance at 1117.

Going into quadruple-witching expiration, I will be watching volume and the advance/decline line for clues about the underlying strength of the present push up to challenge IT resistance. This is the area I have been awaiting to gain clarification about the macro trend, so let’s see how it all shakes out from 1117.

San said...

SP 500 Hourly trend line break trade with MACD negative divergence

San said...

SP 500 Trendline break trade updated

Jay Strauss said...

Did you all watch that 10am DIVE

10am rebound high, then KABOOM


AS said...

Nice one Jay :)

You seeing the 25th as the low ?

snoopy said...

Jay--Know you don't like to put numbers out for target--BUTTTTTTTTTTTT--what's your guess--25 June Most of the critical rif is gone---Thanks for all the hard work-

Jay Strauss said...

an EASY guess would be
SUB spx 1040

Jay Strauss said...

just updated prelim for next week on mAin page

AS said...

Thanks Jay !!

JUFU said...

Jay - ty.

JUFU said...

what's the target for the 25th?

astralguide said...

Hi friends

Pl read a projection and astral forecast for long term

JUFU said...

Maybe have a range for the end of day and/or show +- a few hours on your intraday chart.

RickyBobby said...

or just remind all that it's triple witch opex tomorrow. u just knew they had to keep it somewhat level for today.

rrman said...

yep ricky looks like they are going to take it down and bring it back up to whatever level 1090 ish during after hours while they have more control

Kc135a said...

I went short up to my eyeballs with June 30 expirations today.

FWIW I have 13:30 EST on 6/23 as the next bottom whatever that may be.

The kids will have to paint the tape for quarter/half end and they will have to get their positions aligned by no later than three trading days before the 30th.

Aside from TA I would be looking for a low on the 22nd and no later than the 23rd just to give them time to reposition and then they can paint the 29th and 30th or run it up earlier but park it for the 30th.

cementzak said...

nice bear shake out move at the end of the day. we tank tomorrow


rrman said...
Helge says we chop most of the night with an upward bias then around 3am central big wave down that retraces the big upwave this morning into open then reverse with big up wave all day long terminating at close friday...then Sunday night the week from hell begins....

Jay Strauss said...

I think he just might have it right tomrrow
and yes HELL week next week
Always after OPTIONS