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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Remember THIS- published May30th

more later


benjoyce said...

Partly influenced by Jay's site here, I bought EOM put on the S&P It appears to be about to work.

But will gold pop up or drop? Fed decide on Wed Gold's a little weird lately ie UP $40 on the Fat finger thursday.

benjoyce said...

Chris carolan of the "spiral calandar" has a stocks bottoming June 29th (approx.) Gold topping June 25th

Spiral date in June 23 which can serve as a top or bottom.

His method is based on lunar cycles

"June spiral calendar predictions show multiple lower-level Spiraldates score peaks on the 6th, 17th, and 23rd.
For May the minor spiraldates score peaks on the 6th and 22nd matched the bottoms of the strongest down moves, including “Fat Finger Failure Thursday.”

Abdullah said...

China made some interesting remarks about letting their yuan (currency) float. This came on the heels of Russia saying that they are more determined than ever to get away from the US dollar as the world reserve.

I don't know if it's the Gulf oil spill or just the overall incredibly weak US position that has the world once again clamoring to get away from dollars, but something has them spooked.

AS said...

Ben - is there a site for chris ?

cementzak said...

astro combined with ew

good luck


benjoyce said...

francois said...

OUCH...Futures gapping up HEAVILY...

we may want to turn that chart upside down as it looks like a rocket up into 6/25...not down....

long way to go,hope you are right,but a gap above resistance AND downtrend line is NOT good