Sunday, June 06, 2010

Monday JUNE7th EKG

ANOTHER PERFECT SCORE FOR THE DAILY EKG NOW at 67% accuracy since March 9th
13 hours hit its mark at 10:10AM- made the HOD
As you can see, the Adjusted EKG shows a potential for an
early lift into the 13HOUR cycle at or b4 10am

The DATA is STREAMING which makes it very difficult to PICK the start and end points.
That's one benefit of waiting till 8:30am to get a more specific fix based on the open futures.

CNBC claiming that the open futures are showing STABILITY - which we ALL know
can be FLEETING once the day begins

And Most of You here NOW KNOW about the 39hour cycle which breaks into 3 parts.

BTW, same thing goes for the 39 day cycle as MOST of you here are ALSO aware of
MY discovery of NOV 21st, 2009, the 13 day cycle, and if anyone wants to investigate
it probably works for WEEKS, Months & years also.

Im glad NO ONE has asked HOW this EKG KEEPS working
I have NO idea, but as long as its working, I really dont care
I found it and NO ONE ELSE will EVER KNOW its secret until my death bed.

as of June4th the CURRENT RECORD has NOW moved up to 67% successful

Joseph asked my what would cause a market fall later in the month on the 25th
As I wrote, I do NOT own a crystal ball, NOR do I have a genie who can predict the future.
ITS simply the FLOW of energy from YING to YANG and back again
What HUMAN events will be associated with that ying & yang is NOT within the scope
of my knowledge, nor anyone else for that fact-

13 hours at 10am
90bars at 11am
Neg energy at 10;26am

Neg energy at 3:08pm

120 or 126bars at 1:30 pm or 2pm
150bars at 4pm, most likely
or open next day, but I DOUBT IT

more later


Jay Strauss said...

Not SHOWN on the EKG is the potential to OPEN moderately higher
before plunging lower for the day

13 HOUR cycle at 9:45 to 10am "COULD" provide a BRIEF lift to start

that answers some of the mystery with the 39hr cycle and its parts divided by 3 = 2 days per cycle

Conclusion, IMO,
At 10am,
IF the cycle makes a high , then it should be considered the hod
and visa versa if a low at open to 10am.


San said...

European markets situation may give a positive start for dow and sp 500

AS said...

Jay - can you explain what you mean by your 13 hour cycle and 39 hour cycle .... for those of us who joined more recently, it may help us understand it better ...

Jay Strauss said...

39 hr cycle is SIMPLE
Once a cycle pivot is established
just move ahead
13 hours
they repeat at or near 10am

They can represent

If high at 10am , then the day should head lower -
see June3rd HOD at 1106 near 10am;
which also meant that June4 could NOT seek a higher high at open to 10am, thus we got a down


Jay Strauss said...

scroll down to June4th EKG page for more detail on the 39 hr cycle


BKLNYC said...


So it is possible that the 10am move made the LOD today? Thanks.

AS said...

Thanks for the explanation Jay ..

Also, based on your power index it seems like another low on june 8 then sideways and then ramp from june 11- 16 .... is that right ?

Jay Strauss said...

IT can get confusing on days like today and only in retrospect will we see what really occurred.

lo @ 9:45
Hi @ 10:10
Which one is what??


Jay Strauss said...

Thanks for the compliment Joseph
Pass the blog along to anyone in your sphere of friends, relatives
other traders, etc


Jay Strauss said...


I just pictured it that way, but its NOT a certainty by any means

8th OPEN could SURGE 200 pts UP



AS said...

Thanks for sharing Jay - I thought it was more like your may panic call ... so based on this what is a good point to go short / long ... trying to figure out how to use your info for swing trades ..

Jay Strauss said...

Im thinking about 2 possibles
1. Today at close, if they drop off, other wise NO deal
2. Friday at 9:45-10am

I think Friday will be best
for very strong rally Monday-Tues next week, but again should be from much lower levels than were we are right now at 2;30pm at spx 1062

IF they DONT get moving lower today, MY EKG just might roll over to tomrrow, but I had not anticipated it that way

ITS possible, the ENERGY tomrrow Am is supporting rather than declining
in which case Today's reading flips over to tomrrow

June9 is a BRADLEY date- expected to be a LOW- IF it turns in the low expected at 1009 instead of today, it would THEn become a screaming BUY with the 10th STILL expected to rally big

This DRAG is killing me today


Jay Strauss said...

prelim EKG shows STRONG rebound TOMRROW after possible lower open

IF 150 bars does NOT effect today's close then either 150 or 156 bars tomrrow at open to 10am might provide a dip

The EKG for tomrrow is not far enuf along to tell how it is supposed to close


Jay Strauss said...

WEre finally getting some where
and following the EKG for today

how low is low?

Would like to see 1040 at close today, but Im not holding breath


Reza said...


Dont you think 1040 is too low for today. I think do some fighting around the 1050 area

Jay Strauss said...

Cant rule that out

1050 today
Tues @1040 open
Rebound to 1060, sell off later
to 1040 and DIVE on WED to 1009

as it stands NOW

Its now 3:25 and they are selling off 70

activity index dropped from 300 @7 AM to 100 at 2pm and holding that level


Jay Strauss said...

times like this would be good to use CHAT Roll

Reza said...


Sounds like a good plan

Abdullah said...

Still holding into FAZ. Maybe sell it on June 9. Since June 9th Bradley shows low per Jay's math as it stands NOW. And then BUY FAZ again when market is high around June 14-16. Any thoughts on this strategy?

Reza said...


Check email

Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear thoughts on Addul's strategy.

RickyBobby said...

Well it looks like a 10+ points Gap-Up tomorrow

rrman said...

the high should be around 3am central then downhill until midday