Thursday, June 24, 2010

June 24th EKG & comments

GUESS WHAT ? _ YES Another perfect score today
42/61 = 68.8% SINCE MARCH 9th inception
GUESS NOT - Futures at 6pm are up Very Modestly + 20 dow

DONT pay any attention to the background lines - they mean nothing
also- dont pay TOO MUCH attention tot he AMPLITUDE of the chart.
WHATS MOST important is the GENERAL direction of the daily price FLOW

Combine the above with the cycles, Elliott wave, energy, and bar cycles -
thus we get a days work, and this is work, a job, soo LETS MAKE $

It took a survey since March 9th inception of the EKG to CONVINCE me of its viability

As anything we as analysts USE, we like to BACK test for authenticity

Personally -IM CONVINCED - enuf to add confidence to my trading , and after all
isnt that the GAME - making $

Cycles today
60bars @ 10:30 A low came in at 10am - 10am has been prominent for many days
90 @ 1pm
126b@ 4pm

Neg energy at 12:24 A LOW OCCURRED at 12:40- BETWEEN 90bars&Neg Energy
Positive energy at 2:33 a HIGH hit at 2pm, a little earlier than anticipated


this WHOLE week is suffering from a NEGATIVE ENERGY CLUSTER
which started on Monday and FINISHES in GRAND STYLE on SUNDAY- June 27th

more later


rrman said...

Good Morning Jay here is my email blast recommendations.....

We will be down big today then recover some Friday and Monday but huge down
into the 30th....hang onto faz and tza until the 30th.... if you havent bought any
yet Friday at close would be a good time faz closed 15.051 yesterday and tza
closed 7.04 both up 20 percent this week....tza should make 9.00 by wed and
faz should hit 17 or 18 dollars by Wed. We will start a huge rally Wed or Thursday
next week that will run into the 5th of July as you can see on the Helge Chart
that is att.

So the plan is stay short and buy more faz and tza Friday and Wed/Thurs
we sell faz/tza and buy fas/tna to go long. The down next week could
be very big......ton...

Jay Strauss said...

Before we make any recommendations about NEXT week, I would LIKE to see the RESULTS today & tomrrow


benjoyce said...

Preservento says big drop around the 28th (but he was wrongish two weeks ago)

Jim Carolan solunar model is bearish till 29th

now rrman comes out with some fireworks for the next week. What is a man to do? rrman we have no hint of your technique but thank you anyway.

toddymc said...

Hey Jay nice work this week I've joined your following list and still trying to grasp your data with EKG.
the power index is not shown till post mkt. wonder if you could post pre-mkt. Thanks for your work.

AS said...

Ben - Rman uses Helge to predict - usually quite accurate as well ...

When Jay and Rman / Helge agree there are fireworks :)

AS said...

My note from yest close ..

This is the pattern I am seeing on RUT too ... based on it my tgt for RUT is 62.95-63.5 ... this is why I went long TZA call into the close

For SPX - the level I see will be 1076-1081 .. SPY 107.5 - 108.1

These are level for W5 .... don't know about crash scenario ...

If this is W5, then I expect ABC to be complete and then big push to 1150-1170 to happen on mkt after that ....

Jay Strauss said...

WELCOME and thanks for joining
Power index is published weekly
EKG is only avail daily
Monthly energy on last day of month

SUNDAY updates
power index
daily energy readings


Alesund said...

Thanks rrman,

Looks like JO is taking off without me.

Do you think we see a retrace in JO going into the low next week?

What's your target on coffee further out percentage wise or price wise from here?


rrman said...

Alesund I think they will sell JO off with the big market sells just because they have to liquidate good positions to cover margin calls so i am flat on jo until next Wed when i think i will buy with both fists.....
However it may not sell off much...

rrman said...

it should go up 50 percent from current prices

San said...

S&P 500 Trending down below the 50 Hour SMA.

Alesund said...

Thanks rrman!

benjoyce said...

When you say JO do you mean coffee futures?

Alesund said...

No, we are referring to the JO coffee ETF.

Alesund said...


Your EKG has been amazingly accurate so far today. Great work and much appreciated!

benjoyce said...

concidering the ekg accuracy. I'm short and I'm wondering should I cover at the close today or why should I do that if tomorrow is confidently down?

or is it? We won't know till the ekg comes out tomorrow am at the usual 8-9am period.

San said...

Dow Jones S&P 500 and Nasdaq Hourly chart comparison

cementzak said...

5 waves down complete? took some profits at the LOD, just in case

benjoyce said...

if 5 waves are completed to the downside. I don't see how we can go heavily down into the close as the ekg states. I'd rather go with the ekg than the ell wave count which just can be recounted later

sold and bought a put at a higher strike

JUFU said...

I've held on to my shorts. I like cementzak's strategy though to take some profits at LOD.

I just can't watch the market throughout the day so I'm holding till EOD tomorrow and loading up on some longs.

I will probably go into some Longs with half the position size.

GL trading!

Reza said...


Based on your chart, the bounce from beginning Wed/Thursday looks like 112.41 as someone spotted a fake print

astro8 said...

My chart Time price is Friday at 3 pm Dow 10,000
Hope this posts up$INDU&p=30&b=5&g=0&i=t52496552941&a=203066968&r=3432

stay in the fork good to go


Reza said...

astro8, did not hear long time from you.

Jay Strauss said...

Bottom of wave [i] of v
Into wave [ii[ of v
which according to energy should peak at 2;33pm in about 15 minutes

astro8 said...

Yeah been moving and just now getting settled. Sometimes can't log in seems like i have created numerous accounts maybe Google will get it right so i will post a bit more.
I know Jay likes to be stroked so I will say Mr.Jay your calls have been Bank of late keep up the nice work.

benjoyce said...

I hope your correct jay. on twitter they state for elwaverider

"Internals are improving rapidly, as the a/d ratio has increased to .37:1 and today’s lowest NYSE tick was -1241, which is above the wave (iii) low tick. This evidence points to a wave (v) bottom. The target for Minute [ii] is 1096-1103, which represents the area between the 38.2% and 50% retracements."

so I hope they don't go up. they have started down a bit steeply now at 2:35PM est

JUFU said...

Indeed Jay, I traded against your call when I first got introduced to your site. I found it hard to believe until your daily and weekly snapshots were consistently proving right!

Thank you've inspired me to learn more about astrology. :)

Reza said...
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cementzak said...

very good work Jay... i've said it yesterday, the 5 waves down doesn't work on the Nasdaq - 1/4 overlap... maybe it's a 1-2 1-2 1-2, extremely bearish setup

Reza said...

rrman, jay

does it look like a gap up to you

rrman said...

yep and a big up day

Abdullah said...

Reza - the DOW lost 10200. It's safe to take on SHORT positions. FAZ did very well today - more to come.

Reza said...


close out shorts or close in the am

Jay Strauss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lil said...

ym just hasnt cleared todays neg pts off

JUFU said...

Jay, i see down 139 for the day on the dow jones.

Regarding the negative energy ending Sunday, does this energy affect Sunday's opening on futures?

Ex. Would it gap down even more?

rose2797 said...

this a suggestion. May be u should have a scorecard for ekg by month on the side bar

Jay Strauss said...

rose whats wrong with my running tally?
it began on March 9th
and has 61 trade days experience
with 42 of them positive

I can add the 3 month % Tally at the end of June on the SIDE NOTE
to publicize its viability

rose2797 said...

this was just a suggestion. It will remain visible all the time