Wednesday, June 30, 2010

June 30th EKG not available

cant get a clear read on the EKG today - will see if it comes in later
ACTIVITY INDEX has NOW risen from 100 at 7am to 333 now at 9am,
also supporting a possible rebound today

As previously posted.

we have the POWER index surging higher which did NOT occur yesterday, thus
we must look for it today and tomrrow into the 13 hour cycle at 10am tomrrow

Tomrrow calls for an early boost & later fizzle

High tide is today, which should assist any rally attempt

Converging cycles today at 11am SHOULD also set the stage for the next rally
120bars & 13 day cycle at 11am TODAY

EVEN if we DONT GET any SUBSTANTIAL UPSIDE action today and or tomrrow, we still have
until JULY15th where the NEXT major HIGH & turn seems to exist--
SEE the JULY energy graph on previous main pages.

Of course a day like yesterday does NOT usually end in one moment of time,
and needs more time to settle in.

THANKS for all the GREAT contributions
it means alot when traders can discuss TRADING

IF we got a WAVE 1 low yesterday or today at the 1030-1035 level,
thats 100 pts under the 1131 high on June 21st

62% retrace = spx back to about 1100
78% retrace = spx back to about 1115

Expected DATE for above would be MID JULY


rrman said...

out of tza at 7.93 not going long just yet

rrman said...

ok went long now

Jay Strauss said...

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San said...

Positive divergence in S&P 500 could lead to a minor pull back

Anonymous said...

looks like TNA starting to form an "inverted head and shoulders on the 5 min charts,which would mean about 3 hours (36 bars) of choppy sideways to form right shoulder before take off...the head was just put in with the swift rally 9:40-10...
so if it takes off cerca 1-2:30,voila,she' going up to test the gap the first time (most always fails and retraces)

curious ,jay,if that lines up in any way with timing bars... 1-2:30 today to buy tna..

rrman said...

whats the gap on tna?

RickyBobby said...

looks like this might be it.

LONG--buy the dips

cementzak said...

i think 1 of Minor [3] is not finished yet... this rally is probably another dead cat bounce in my eyes. however i am not adding to short positions at the moment. anyway, in the big picture i think 1 of Minor [3] could end later this week. and then a stronger bounce will backtest the broken channel : 2 of Minor [3], maybe it will end around mid july; but that will be a retracement to max 1085SPX imho, a backtest before the meltdown....


Reza said...

Agree Ricky
Bull stops sweeped yesterday at 1031.75, now lets go sweep and mop the bear stops around 1080 area

Anonymous said...

ummm,that HUGE hole on 5 minute chart on last 5 min bar 6/28 to first 5 min bar 6/29...

as predicted,so far,should be choppy for right shoulder formation till 1-2:30 between 37.90-39 +-

japanese candles it's a "window"

RickyBobby said...

I have a few indications that my version of Jay's 39 hr cycle bottomed today or yesterday in the S&P's case. The next larger cycle will not be far behind.

IF, their should be one more low in the smaller cycle, the 21 hr for example, I suggest u buy ectremely heavily. But personally I'm not waiting. If I'm wrong I will just add to position 2fold.

The last significantly rally of the summer has begun before the swan dive into September.

BIG money in the next few months to be made.

cementzak said...

so you are hoping for a rally to 1080? ... maybe you'll see that level back one more time this year, around mid July. do not underestimate the Power of a Minor [3] our your accounts will be killed

yours truly,

JUFU said...

not sure if minor II will last till july 8 or july 15....

JUFU said...

jay, please approve my request to follow you on twitter. my user id is iamfu

RickyBobby said...

Has anyone spoken with FLASHFUSION lately to see what simon's saying these days?

rrman said...

havent seen him on twitter in a while

rrman said...

last i have on him..

Real-time results for flashfusion


US Warships move through SUEZ canal - some serious theater here
1:21 PM Jun 27th via web
Reply Retweet

No copyright protection; no problem in the fashion industry
12:51 PM Jun 26th via web

Oil spill history repeats @Bill_Romanos same then same now, dejavueee
12:39 PM Jun 26th via web

Jay Strauss said...

Thanks for the Twitters
Got you also JUFU

11am HIT the 13 day right on schedule.

should see a late rally and high tomrrow am about 10ish


AS said...

Francois - interesting theory on 36 hour to form the inv H&S - how do you come up with that ?

I am in cash right now. .... no options ... have guests coming tomm and planning to relax on the weekend ... mkt seems to be in chop zone, that would kill time on options anyways ...also July 5th holiday will kill more time on options ... so be careful ...

RickyBobby said...

So Jay's got a JUly 15 or so high.

I think there's a GANN date on July 6-8 before that.

FLASH says:
MKT: finished my homework; DOW has unfinished biz with 7/9/09 low; sticking with 8250 DOW minimum into Q3 2010, Simon Says !

give u an idea on our swan dive target in September. Big money here.

So I'm hoping this rally gets the bulls excited and capitulates some bears so we can ride her down.

rose2797 said...

GS is a good indicator. If it does not rally,market does not rally. It is acting very weak today

RickyBobby said...

There's USUALLY a big shake out before these rallys continue. Doesn't mean it's going to happen this time. But Iwouldn't be surprised if price starts to dive but not breaching yesterdays low.
This has happened on the previous 3 larger 13(Jay's version) day cycles

RickyBobby said...

This shakeout MAY occur with the 1 day cycle

rrman said...

yeah Ricky Helge says tonight we go down almost to yest low after midnight or so bottoming not far from the open tomorrow

RickyBobby said...


sounds good

Jay Strauss said...

Flash has 7/9 LOW and he is right according to the July ENERGY flow chart, but 8250 NO WAY_ UH UH

as you can see on that chart, 7/9 is ONLY a minor setback on the way to a JULY15th MAJOR 2010 TURN off a recovery high

2:19 ENERGY LOw hit ALSO right on SCHEDULE

todays reading did indicate a sloppy type day as we are getting
Problems - clashes- frustrations

TOmrrow reminder says
Early BURST - runs out of gas -quick change

Friday power index shows mkt lower, and reading calls for a quiet day

NEXT WEEK"S Tuesday & Wed infer STRONG MARKETS both days with an AM high on 7th & rollover later leading to a lower day on 8th & 9th- ALA Flash
9th FYI calls for LATE gains

I will repeat all the above Sunday eve. on the main page


Jay Strauss said...

the 366-400 level showing hidden strength


Jay Strauss said...

ITs going to be really TOUGH
to buy long at Fridays' close given the distrust of long weekends
it does LOOK LIKE thats what Im going to be doing given what Ive written this week


rrman said...

should get a big blast the last hour and early ah i'm going to short the heck out of it

rrman said...

zigzag's T chart verrrry interesting

Anonymous said...

so rrman

that T-Chart implies it should move higher (20-40 points in s+p into thursday?

cementzak said...

there ya have it, new lows across the board... hope your stops were in


San said...

Death cross is nearby for S&P 500

Jay Strauss said...

NEW Thread


A big open would beg to be shorted

see new main page