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Sunday, June 27, 2010

JULY Energy FLOW- Preliminary graph

As You can see, Ive been BUSY this AM-gg
JULY 15 seems to be picturing a MAJOR TURN lower as pictured
the ENERGY on
July 30th =Repressive obstacles & power struggles
JULY 31st , a Saturday indicates HOSTILITIES-


benjoyce said...

This July graph is consistant with Chris Carolan's "solunar" model for gold (cycles based on sun and moon. Big drop for gold at the end of the month. Can't show you here.

Alesund said...

Thanks benjoyce.

Just to clarify, the big drop he projects in gold is at the end of July, not June, correct?

Any projections on the size of the decline?

cementzak said...

this fits my idea that Minor [3] will start mid July, with 3 of [3] at the end of July / early august. maybe huge gap down on August 2nd


Kc135a said...

Amazing, ..., I also have July 15 as the pivot high. For kicks, the turn will be at 14:30 EST +- 30 minutes!!!

francois said...

AND August 1 has been deemed the most strange/dangerous planetary alignment in,I believe 2 thousand years,or something to that affect...

nuclear possibilites,world tragedy,global market implosions,etc...

scary stuff and consistent with that "je ne sais quoi" feeling we all seem to have about world issues...