Sunday, October 17, 2010

BEAR Market- WHEN ?

HAS any read this report from EXCEPTIONAL BEAR

IMO, His assumptions maybe correct, but his timing may be wrong

He attributes a crash to FED intervention FAILURE of QE2

Market doesn't care about FED intervention unless its in response to markets such as in 2009, BUT it is my assumption the market would have recovered on its own with or without the FED

I was wondering WHY I have NOV 4th as a Bradley date, IMPORTANT BOTTOM & IMPORTANT TURN HIGHER thru Late Nov and continuing till late Jan, 2011
before repeating the decline of March 2009.

THE TURN occurs the NEXT day after NOV 3rd and supposed FED announce of QE2 - so the initial reaction, IMO, WILL be viewed as INADEQUATE

At this point in time, some will say a CRASH is possible NOV 3rd or 4th, but NOV is targeted for a MARKET rally.

HIGH anticipations and VERY HIGH POSITIVE Sentiment can DISSOLVE in seconds during the next few days leading to the NOV 4th bottom


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