Wednesday, October 06, 2010

October 6th EKG

Futures fell off earlier AM highs
After 9am, the energy turns negative thru Mid day on Friday, but that remains to
be seen if there is any effect on stocks

Has wave "C" peaked?

Flux indicator WILD for second day ina row- usually means something is about to happen
and IF we have topped out, then the first wave down in a series thru FEB 2nd should show up NOW




astro8 said...

I think the one thing for sure here is we are near a pivot are and a big move is near. Is it up or down? Venus Rx most times is bullish so we would see a reversal till Nov.18th when it moves direct

Abdullah said...

In the latest traders commitment report, we see evidence of a building in "shorts" starting to take place.

Yes it's true that up until now if you've been short, you've been killed as the Fed and Wall Street conspire to move this market up, in a desperate attempt to 1) keep people spending and 2) make the incumbent politicians look like they got it right. But, what if Tomorrows initial jobless report still stinks and what if Friday's big jobs report still stinks?

Time will tell, but from way up here in the cheap seats, its starting to look pretty stretched. ( Yeah I know it's looked stretched for two weeks now)

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Abdullah
Your sentiments are felt throughout

Jay Strauss said...

If there is going to be a 300 pt one day sell off, it looks like tomrrow will be the day - oct7th


Abdullah said...

Jay - Probably the best guess for today and tomorrow that they just do their best to keep us flat to slightly positive. I don't think they'll really do any selling just in case Obama has instructed the BLS to create a bunch of non existent jobs and toss them in the report. If we were to get a really positive jobs report, with the momentum this market has had, we could add 400 points in three days.

Joseph said...

Hi Jay, you mentioned that if we dont correct before OCT 4th then we wont correct in 2010... In your view does this still stand.

Abdullah said...

This is only today's headlines. Does this resemble anything close to FREE MARKET:

- Private Sector Hiring in Sept. Falls 39,000...
- Middle Class Slams Brakes on Spending...
- Food Stamp Recipients at Record 41.8 Million Americans...
- GOLDMAN SACHS: Economy 'fairly bad' or 'very bad' over next 6 months...
- New Yorkers' Income Falls for 1st Time in 70 Years...

CASE CLOSE ... FRAUD at every level you can imagine.

Jay Strauss said...

the Market has yet to make a correction
I think I meant to say it should START by October 4th

It would appear as ive written
that they will make a correction between OCT4th and Feb2nd

But iT DID NOT START with a BANG, not yet , anyway, and it may have to wait till
October 20 to 28 for a larger statement of selling

Today looks very similar to Aug 10th
the read said dont be misled
mkt ended 55pts dow lower

followed by an off day of 265 dow pts
and friday 13th off another 34 pts at 11am, but closed a little higher

which led to a 100 pt rally the next week

I had really hoped this correction would start with more of a bump, but its not happening that way, yet.
but tomrrow should emulate that previous mentioned Aug11th

I think we will see the results
of a larger correction in PROGRESS by late October


Abdullah said...

So the criminals closed the day at a "slightly positive".

Joseph said...

Thanks Jay, based on what I have read, researched and my own feedback, I think we go to Snp 1220or 12500 on the DOW by year end. When we do get a pull back there will be many buying it up so I cant see us getting that big of a kick to the balls.

Not sure what others think...

Jay Strauss said...

Tomorrow's EKG looks HIGHER


Jay Strauss said...

the EKG goes against the POWER data

Ekg is not complete for end of day

new moon at 2:45?? Top ??

Merc/ saturn at 7am Friday
is it out of the loop?
Or will it have deleterious effects


BUT When

OEX ratio last 5 days
.96 = today

the 5 day ave is quite bearish

I dont know HOW much longer the mkt can ignore its own overbot weight.

Maybe they want to see 10,999 dow and spx 1163 again

Some ones web page shows us at point 27 on the 3 legs & dome house, which according to the author, the mkt is ready for a dive.

Yes, they could drag this out to the 18th, and the longer it takes and the longer they wait, the worse it could be.

Is it possible we are getting a shift this month
Early HIGHS, LATE lows

Bill Meridian says
pick up sorts early in the mnth and go long at the end of october


San said...

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