Tuesday, October 05, 2010

October 2010

One web site I was just viewing makes a good case for a 1987 type crash, but I really dont think thats what we have going this month

It looks like we will make a 4 month correction into Feb 2nd as the pivot low
but more about that later



downtown walker said...

jay you have blown out all posters with your stubborn , phony crash calls for many months ..
what a putz
time to hang it up !!!
some blogs quote you do the opposite of what you are calling

Abdullah said...

downtown walker - I hope you do not make your investment decisions because of what anyone says in a blog or so. Take the information FWIW noting more and nothing less.

I am in the same boat by saying a CRASH is just around the corner. There is no way in a free market with all bad data (err...fabricated data) coming from Obama/Fed's to even resemble UP trend market. The rubber is getting very thin and when it breaks BULLS better watch out.

I will also say this, that the DOW can't see 11200-11300 is just IMPOSSIBLE. I'm in records to say I am 40% of my $$$ is in VXX/FAZ/BGZ and they are all RED for me. 50% in CASH and 10% in SLW. Sure, I do daytrade based on Jay's posts and been happy so far.

Bottom line: BLOGS/Chat rooms/message boards/etc...
are for entertiment only.

Good luck to you.

Jay Strauss said...

crash calls are everywhere, not just from bloggers

Check out foundation for study of cycles

San said...

S&P 500 Futures before opening bell