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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Oct 4th EKG and more

Not exactly what was projected but not bad either
This is a PRELIMINARY view of tomrrow's EKG published at 6pm Sunday
we'' see if it STILL holds true at 8:30am

CYCLES this week
Midnite low tide
156 bars @ 4pm

13 hrs @ 10am
14.6%/13 day at 10:20am
180bars at 11am
488/8 = 61 cycles from Oct27th, 2008

Positive energy at 9:02am
Pos energy at 9:49am
Neg energy at 10:12
Neg energy @ 12:45- 1:00pm
258bars @ 11:30am
Neg energy at 8:30pm

26hrs at 10am
400 days Mar 9 = 50 cycles of 8
120bars @ 3pm
New moon at 2;45pm= shift in energy = a fresh start


Pos energy day
38.2%/13day at 10:42am
150bars @ 11am

Monday looks for a strongly positive day.

Compare the above with the energy outlook and daily bias on the previous post.
IMO, it seems to indicate a strong sell off Monday, overriding into tuesday between 10& 11am.
An afternoon rebound continues into Wed till 10am, then lower for the day, ending on
Thsday at 10am, and moving ahead after 2;30 picking up steam on Friday and making a stronger run on Monday



San said...

Dow Jones Futures before opening bell

AS said...

Good call for today Jay :)

Abdullah said...

we need to see a crash - I need to cover my short positions. :-)

Jay Strauss said...

Thanks AS-
It is possible, but Im not going to hold my breadth{G}
tomrow has some similarities to May6th, and IF the READING flips from Mon to Tues, then it {{COULD}}
happen tomrrow, but DONT count on it.
Some fibo & 8day cycles ARE coming together this week as ive posted.

ENERGY PEAKED on the 30th at spx 1158 ON FIBO 110 tr days from APRIL 26th

It took 9 days including the flash crash from Apr26to May7th
to a low at 10am right on a 39 hr cycle & 14.6%/13 day cycle

This time we have disruptive energy at 7:36am on Friday & a 38.2%/13 day at 10:42am
Employment report, not really important anymore, but it has not been very strong


Spt 30 OPEN to to OPEn on the 8th is 39 hours -