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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Daily Readings

Monday -Oct25th
expect many problems
money talks dont go well
unwelcome events

Tuesday -26th
prefer solitude
solve some problems today
unrealistic expectations

Plans disintegrate
morning complications
Disruptions & chaos

IN like a LION
OUT like a LAMB

Pleasant & Fun day

more later


Abdullah said...

A whole lot of technical indicators that I use to track the overall moves of the market have flashed a danger signal once again.

Abdullah said...

Last week, we saw the first "inflows" of money into mutual funds in over 23 weeks. So... That is a subliminal message to me. When the Joey's start showing up, you can bet a rug pull is not far behind.

Abdullah said...

So, is this coming week the week in which the market tosses everyone a curve ball and decides to plunge? I DO NOT KNOW. What I do Know is that it's been the Fed behind the last 800+ points of DOW gains, and that Wall street has been chasing performance. each time the market has been "ripe" for a fall, they have magically saved it. Could it be they are going to let it fall for a bit?

rrman said...

earnings week is over also they like to keep the market up during earnings

Abdullah said...

Don't forget the market's main goal is to separate as many people from their money as possible. Could it be that the market is setting the stage for a rug pull, to capitalize on all the people that are rushing to get in? Time is going to tell.

Abdullah said...

The bottom line is that once again, the stars are aligned for a pull down, starting within the week. I don't know if it will happen, or if the federal Reserve willl step in and save the day again. In the past, they've tossed off the gloves and got dirty, pushing us up despite the technicals. They very well might do it again. But.. once again the rubber band is very stretched and when it snaps back it will be violent.

Jay Strauss said...

HI Abdullah

Friday's formation usually precedes a BREAK

In this case we should see it to the downside

What is the outcome of a classic EDT 3-3-3-3-3

Mkt topped WEd at 1089

Monday's OPEN energy is positive till 10am, or it might only be a rebound off a lower open

so far the EKG shows it could open briefly higher, but the main trend for the AM is DOWN

You & I are the ONLY ONES Left to defend the bear. everyone
else has THROWN in the TOWEL
and given up


Abdullah said...

Jay - The bulls are chasing a mirage.

AS said...

Jay - I have got bearish positions open now which I opened last week ... however not looking for a big pullback ...

Jay Strauss said...



stronger now than on the 20th


Jay Strauss said...

I think MONDAY & Tuesday readings are
FLIPPED - reversed