Monday, October 04, 2010


Internals show a strong sell off is imminent as I posted from my spreadsheet

Question next is WHEN & where is support
Now to 7th @ new moon @2:45pm might be a good start
980 appears as a line extending the lows of May6 Spx1066 to July1st spx 1010

It seems a little too much to expect but IF the Low of wave "C" or "3" is going to reach a projected low of about spx 800, EVENTUALLY, or withing the next 4 months.

One thing about the astro that seems to be making an impact is the Huge Cluster
of last wkend in North declination, and the CHANGE of ALL planets into the south declination from Oct6th to Feb 11th

the PEAK also came at 110 tr days from APR 26th high along with that cluster
then Add Stan Harleys TURN date- oct 1, and JerrR peak of 1158 on the 30th
financials getting hit today
WELL it does seem to add up to SELL

A few astro events lined up on MAY6th including some planetary contras & the day
indicated something was off kilter as the flash crash sure proved.

Now we have some lunar contras occurring tomrrow
some lunar oppositions on Wed
And new moon on Thsday, enhanced with Merc 0 Saturn & a parallel of the pair
which seems to indicate disruptions
Flash tells us to look for a turn on the 8th, and since thats after the new moon, and the above aspects, then I tend to agree with him as its ALSO 488 tr days from OCT27th, 2008= 61cycles of 8
& Friday is 400 tr days from MAR 9th = 50 cycles of 8

IMO, IT comes down to this FOR THIS WEEK at least
If tomrrow duplicates May6th in any way whatsoever, we will KISS the bear
as he rages, but this time they wont recover like May6th, but make its lows
as above on the new moon Thsday, AT WHATEVER price level they get to
even if not 980 as projected above



Jay Strauss said...

It could also take the next 3days
We can discuss further if tomrrow performs as mentioned


Jay Strauss said...

ALL PC ratios =100% BEARISH

Jaywiz index = .18 FIRST TIME under 20
since MAY 3rd


reddragonleo said...


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San said...

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