Sunday, October 31, 2010

Whats Next & WHY

It has been noted by some that as of OCT 30th
ENERGY effecting human behavior may have hit a brick wall

It would not be surprising to be unable to make any progress beyond this point
OBSTACLES are significant

As we have already seen, national security has been threatened once again
even if only involving a minority group,
it shows as there are HUGE HOLES in the hierarchy

This week we have a convergence of HARD energy
where there seems to be a great deal of DESTABILIZATION

Responsibilities & accountability clash with rebellious behavior as well as
retribution for misguided FINANCES this year.

Panics can be the outcome of the above energy, but take heart, it may only last a few days

Getting back to that Elliott chart, IF we are TRULY at the edge of a wave 2
contracting triangle, the aftermath can be as described above for the markets

Looking back at 2008 we can make note of a 500 tr days cycle hit on Oct 29th from the NOv4th high of 9625, and the mkt fell to 7552 on Nov 20th

Ian pointed out many cycle convergences THIS WEEK- link to his blog on my main page on the right



Janeva said...

Dow futures currently UP 52 points. S&P UP 6.25.
Why??? Because more POMO money is coming tomorrow
No plunge. And more POMO money is coming on Thursday. Sorry POMO money TRUMPS elliot waves,
cycles, etc. Don't fight the Fed.

AS said...

Jay - can you share the reading for the week ....

San said...

S&P 500 Futures before opening bell: CLICK HERE