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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Power Graph, Week of Oct 11th

Weve been WAITING for a trend change since about SPT 20th,
but it seems to be like the energizer bunny

Monday's outlook at 39 hours at open till 10am,
along with the daily read & power graph
ALL seem to indicate ONE more thrust to maybe 1170

Once we see lower highs & lower lows starting to take effect we can be more certain
the trend has changed.

From the energy & power data graph, it would appear next week might show us
the way into that new trend

the new moon on the 8th did indicate a change

The Chart above from Michael at Columbia is not labeled,
but does seem to show 5 waves nearly complete from that low at 1051.

Since nothing serious is expected till the week after, we will remain vigilant
watching for evidence of such a trend change


Monday is a bank holiday


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