Tuesday, October 26, 2010


MATCHING these charts with MY OUTLOOK
makes a Very STRONG CASE
for the BEAR to attack tomorrow

The READING calls for CHAOS
Morning complications & Disruptions



Jay Strauss said...

SCROLL down to LOOK AT the

NOTE the OSC value is at ZERO

while the spx & dow are making new recovery highs

same as April26th

Now take the reading for tomrrow which did NOT appear on APRIL27th, but does NOW

it calls for CHAOS tomrrow


Janeva said...

With all due respect what will you say if tomorrow
Is an up day? Seriously.

stockdoc said...

Janeva, I don't understand people like you who bash the proprietor of a blog (even if you bash in a clandestine fashion by saying disingenuously "with all due respect"), who, forthrightly, publishes his opinion. I say, so what if Jay is wrong? He's been right much more than he has been wrong. He's not getting paid to give his opinion out for all to see. His site is one of my favorite blogs because he's not afraid to commit to market direction.

Janeva said...

If he was right much more than wrong, then there would
Be many more people here than just a few. With all due
Respect. Financial astrology is pure non sense. Look at
Arch crawfords record this year.

AS said...

Jay - looks like we completed an AB yest and today and tomm should be a down C wave .... I will close my shorts there ...

Jay Strauss said...

thanks for Your opinion
everyone has one of course, and they all

As for traffic, ALL the BLOGS have
been VERY quite, and MY yahoo group
is also very minimal

Lets HOLD our breath and see what tomrrow brings

IN case you didnt NOTICE,
I am MARRYING tech , graphs, Elliott & astro

I very rarely mention astro, because it brings out negative OPINION

see yah TOMRROW

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Stock doc
Youve got that right
no one is paying me for this

I do get a LOT of members clicking on the affiliate links and THATS very gratifying to see.

Best wishes

Fred said...


Maybe short term trading financial astrology has its drawbacks, but when you have had 3 depression in each century and a cardinal climax was present at each one, that says something...and this isn't counting our current which we are in another cardinal climax period.

But I would like to hear Jay's thoughts on whatever happens tomorrow...because earlier in the year Jay was very right on, but for the past couple of months has been predicting bearish results which haven't materialized

Fred said...

Sorry, I meant to say a depression in each of the last 3 centuries, 1750, 1840, and 1930. My bad.

AS said...

Jay - remember I mentioned the kiss of death when you were mentioned on those other sites - remember that for the future - those bring an end for any winning streaks for 5-6 months ...

San said...

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