Tuesday, October 19, 2010

October 19th EKG & AM comments

NOW THAT'S more LIKE the EKG we've all come to LOVE
Sometimes, there is a ROLL OVER at the EOD into the next morning
and it looks like yesterday's EKG may have reflected that


Tuesday. today is scheduled to sell off as previously mentioned

Was yesterday an 5th wave EDT ?

Yesterday's outlook as published-- HOLD off & Dont risk $$

Today outlook= Unexpected disruptions & expenses
today is a PHI cluster date according to one subscriber- Lucas series

hmm -70% chance of rain today- fwiw ??

Activity index yesterday AM low was 66, mid day high 233, and ended at 100
Today was at 266 at 6am, at 9am is now dropping lower to 133

FLUX very active last week was QUIET yesterday, but TODAY is highly active again

Ok, I know what your thinking
morning sell off and then back to biz
B of A earns improving losses, so we should NOW buy it- hmm
where were you when it was trading at $4. Dont touch it- hah

180 day lo to lo -- Feb8
360 day high to lo -- 9/3/08
convergence of cycles on Friday

Full moon Friday late day indicates finding a balance & financial improvement
13 day cycle segment at 10:20
Neg energy at 11:35
156 bars at 11am



Jay Strauss said...

Gold HIGH hit1382 on Thsday
Dollar low hit 76.20 on Friday
SPX hit high 1186 on Monday

Is a BIG turn in order right now?

spx opens at 1170
will that hold ?

Jay Strauss said...

Short term cycle pivot due tomrrow at 11am
13day at 11am
258bars at 11am

BUT neg energy could override that cycle into Friday, after a brief reprieve Wed on that pivot

Remember the Monthly trends
had been HIGHS on or about 18th-20th every months since Mar lows of 2009.And lows early in the month

JUly 2 low got Aug9th high
Spt 2nd low = 20th high
Oct 4th low =18th high

NOW we are expecting Nov 4th low

so that trend has not changed, it just got muted since the July low, and less discern-able until NOW


Reza said...

someone bought bac $10 puts yesterday about 30k contracts.

Jay Strauss said...

BAC puts
buy low sell high
someone is coming late to the party
where was that person at $19
probably buying calls

But there should be more to come for those puts

NEW TWITTER indicator
FEEL SAD 3 days prior to top
thats right
they are tracking key words that people use on twitter to ID when the mkt is at turns


Jay Strauss said...

GOLD getting what it deserves
I published a graph several times showing heavy internal weakness

Any decline now has been touted as
an indication of the trend for the next 6 months

I cannot ADHERE to such nonsense

but thats what sets up the next
run up thru Jan 24th

And Gold should also follow as its seasonal tops are usually found end of Jan

China raises interest rates
DOLLAR rally on that one, stocks & Gold fall

It used to be GM & IBM moved the markets, now its CHINA.
however, IBM, AAPl all time highs


Reza said...

My simple understanding is you print $ 50 to $100 billion per month, no matter how the money circulates, be it be in the stock market or whatever, then at the end of the month trade deficit is $ 100 billion, so the printed money is gone overseas as we import more from overseas. Now wonder why businesses are not hiring? Am I missing something here

Jay Strauss said...

CHECK out the 10 year SPX chart
using the link for trendsby3


Reza said...

I guess wait until BAC hits 10 and JPM 32

Reza said...

Jay Strauss said...



just ask CNBC - haha

see what they say tomrrow at 11am


Jay Strauss said...

Tomrow's EKG agrees with POWER data

Start DOWN till at least 11am

13day & 258 bars
Powerful PIVOT

How low can you go?


Might linger till noon, but dont hold your breadth

what price level for spx
some of you have a better fix on that than I do.


AS said...

Jay - if we break today's low then the next level down are 1155 and then 1150 being a major level ...

So now looking for down till 11 am, then up till oct 21/22

Not sure ...since your thu reading was down .... then friday supposed to improve afternoon ...

Alesund said...


Can you clarify your view on gold?

From the indicators I follow, gold is not going to have a good time of it going forward for a good while.

I also have indications of heavy distribution into higher prices on gold going on for months now.