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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

October 5th comments

Chart from Columbia

COMPARE TODAY to August 9th

EKG not available so far today

Today's open seems VERY SIMILAR to AUGUST 9th
Appears as a Possible 5th wave right back to the 1150/52 area
and is occurring right at the 13hr cycle at 10am

NOW, I think I know WHY the WARNING - dont follow the crowd
We had the SAME reading on AUGUST 10th- dont follow the crowd
It was not indicating a bottom, but a PEAK as on August 9th

If we follow a similar pattern, we should see a
LOW on the 8th
10am =39hrs from the 1158 high
10:42 am = 38.2%/13 day cycle
150bars at 11am
All clustered in the same time zone

And after a brief rebound next week thru the 15th-18th
the end of the month {28th} should reach a tradable pivot for a stronger rebound in Nov.



Jay Strauss said...

Energy at 11:24am= EXAGGERATIONS


snoopy said...

Jay--After this type of blow off--and new marginal high What kind of numbers on on the RADAR by Friday??? Iknow you don't like to put numbers out there--But for most of us who appreciate your effort--we like your input!! Thanks again

Abdullah said... VXX/FAZ/BGZ in the toilet.

Jay Strauss said...

The AUG 9th peak led to a 60 pt spx drop.into Spt 1st.
should we not expect more at the next degree of wave?

FLUX indicator reviewed showed me something I had not looked at for a while

1160-1161 should max this out
1161 = 9, and should not get above that number

FLUX indicator today is VERY STRONG- whats that mean?
it happens at or near tops
or close to bottoms, in other words at significant times

June26-27-30 were strong days
JULY 1 & 2nd were lows

Aug4th was strong near highs
Spt 2nd was strong at lows

Oct5th showed up strong today
at a top?
we'll see that outcome quickly


last 30 minutes coming up soon???


Abdullah said...

DOW +200 / 10961
SPY +25 / 1162

It looks like BULLS will be pushing DOW to 11200 and SPY to 1200.

Abdullah said...

the crash could be delayed 2-3 days from Monday Oct 4th.

Abdullah said...

October as a month of crashes - Although October has a dark reputation for the stock market, the month has a positive record in the year of midterm elections. Seven of the past nine Octobers in midterm years have been winners for stocks. The average gain in the Nasdaq was 8%, and the median 5%. It didn't matter which political party was about to gain seats. It didn’t matter which political party winning.

Jay Strauss said...

Hadik cycle today
dont follow the crowd
spx having trouble holding 1162
backing off after 3:30
228bars at 4pm or open.

Tomorrows outlook is grim-power struggles
LIKE Aug 10th =Caution with $$
Aug11- be practical
Thsday= stressful
Aug12 -Stressful
Fri = serious start, should be a low in the AM

Aug 13- dont act in haste
Check the above

Jay Strauss said...

NOv is showing a rebound, thus it will be said the mkt liked the election results, no matter who comes out on top.


pimaCanyon said...

The criminals at the Fed know exactly what they are doing, free money for the Wall Street banks that they can use to juice stock and commodity prices. Meanwhile the dollar drops into the toilet.

Thanks, Ben, for higher gas prices, higher food prices, higher heating oil prices just in time for winter.

The sad thing is that most working Americans (including most of the 1 in 6 who is currently out of a job) know nothing of this shell game. Otherwise, it would have been torches and pitchforks for those thieves long ago.

The game will continue at least until the election, so it seems unlikely that October will finish red.