Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Oct 12th EKG

WOW- Darn good for sure
the reading indicates a change today, but it might take one more day b4 we see any price changes worth noting

55%/13 day at 11:59
60bars at noon
Could be the lod

I mentioned the FLUX indicator b4
It was showing VERY STRONG activity ALL of Jan, Feb till March 13th of 2009
as well as sporadic activity in 2008.

It has had Little or no activity since then, except for most recently on
June 26 ,27, 28 & we got JULY 2 to 9 lows
Aug 4th
Spt 2nd

and now IT HAS NOW BEEN VERY STRONG every day since OCT5th
IMO, as IVE recorded this phenomena, it occurs when we can expect serious price changes,
and I dont mean bullish changes.

Note the important cycles coming on Oct 21 & 22nd
500 tr days from oct27th, 2008
411 tr days from Mar9th 9th, 2009



Abdullah said...

Did you see that? The $ bounced and what happened to US equities? They fell. Especially the materials guys. This is the perfect correlation as they use the weak $ as a carry trade, and then when the Euro bounces, they have to back out of equities.

Abdullah said...

The wild card today is that we're going to get the Fed's minutes. Inside those minutes we're going to get hints to where the Fed's going to go. We'll see what they think the real growth rate is, and what they think they'll do about it. Well what they're going to do is push out more QE, and frankly that's a disaster.

Do you know what the fed's themselves say a dollar is worth? 7 cents. Good job boys. Only criminal private bankers could ruin such a tremendous currency.

haagensen said...

Anybody else have 12.15 - 12.20 as a turningpoint ( down )?


Jeff said...

Abdullah: The markets may have priced in more Fed easing than the Fed have/will complete. The Dollar is telling us that

Abdullah said...

Jeff - sure hope so and agreed.

Abdullah said...

The notes from the FOMC meeting are out, and it reads like candy to the school kid. Yes they think appropriate accommodation is probably necessary ( in other words QE2 is coming) and the only question is how much and when. I'd guess that we get 2 trillion and we get it in November.

Abdullah said...

Now the interesting thing.. we are still slightly red. The common wisdom was that if those notes suggested a full out QE program coming, we'd rally.. but so far, they're taking their time about it. That's "sort" of interesting.Could this be something of a "sell the news?"

Abdullah said...

The market is up NOT on fundamentals. NOT on sales. It's up because the idiot bankers are going to print more FREE money. If you really think this all can end well, let me show you to the medicine cabinet. You need some meds.

Jay Strauss said...

Something is NOT right

and we will see the results shortly

FLUX indicator rose late day
and the activity indicator at 300 all day

NO collapse today, and none was anticipated

THE whole thing seems to be coming down to NEXT WEEK

however, tomrrow indicates power struggles- should sell down some
and MId DAY LOW on Thsday