Thursday, October 07, 2010

Oct7th EKG



Abdullah said...

we are in a stock BUBBLE!!!

There is no question that we are overbought. There's no question that POMO money is the reason for it. So now we have to simply ask, how far can it go? Since the world has never seen this before, I frankly do not know. Do I increase my SHORT position??? Maybe - Do I buy gold/silver??? Maybe, but it went up too fast (now another $10/oz). Look we are living through a historic time, and I'm quite excited to see how this all ends. I still think it ends badly. Again, time will tell.

Abdullah said...

There are things to buy.. charts that look okay.. but sheesh, let's be honest here...does this feel "right" to you??? Not me.

WOW, the dollar is getting crushed in London, so the materials guys are on fire, oil's on fire, and tech should pick up...

Jay Strauss said...

Hi Abdullah

I like having conversations with you - You dont get fooled by positive sentiment.

the ratio was 60% last week, and i cant imagine what it is now, but im sure its higher

Thanks you for Your comments
Always helpful
YES, what the HELL is GOING ON & what should we do NOW

Bill Meridian mentions that we should short stocks at the beginning of October, and close those shorts at the end of the month

I have more specific dates which I will graph for the blog later

CYCLE PIVOTS have INVERTED as each one of them is providing a HIGH- such as

that 488 tr day cycle from OCT 27,2008 was Tuesday- I noticed the same thing happened at the AUG9th HIGH- Duh, that should have tipped me off then.

Today is 400 tr days from MARCH 9th, 2009 @ 666, and LOOKS LIKE ITS MAKING A TOP at the new moon

Bill Meridian also mentions SELLING near OCT 22nd specifically and the days surrounding it on both sides.

MY work suggests a serious decline might begin tomrrow, but recover until the 18th

Merc 0 Saturn suggests something disruptive

Selling should be biased from the 18th/19th until the Morning of the 28th.
quick rebound
and a stronger PIVOT low on the morning of Nov4th

What does this say about the election? IMO, NOTHING, but Im sure the media will make a big deal of the outcome


Jay Strauss said...

check it out


THE SELL OFF of 2008 began after 9/3 and made an initial low on 10/9-10/10 losing 300 spx pts

Im not suggesting a repeat this month, but a sell off imo, is imminent


Abdullah said...

took TZA @ $25

Could not resist.

Jay Strauss said...

Should make some $$ on it tomrrow

AS said...

Jay - I have a q for you .... how are you trading these cycles you mentioned that today must be a 300 pt down day ....

are most of you on this blog holding stocks or options, because these cycle that are supposed to happen and don't will kill the options with time decay .... already underwater and bleeding here ...

Almost says go long ...