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Sunday, October 03, 2010

Energy this week

Monday = Negative
Tuesday = mixed
Wed = mixed
thsday = mixed
Friday = positive


Wrong $$ messages
Today is like walking thru a minefield

Get an early start
Give & take thru first half of day
mid day find support
$$ improves

PM= power struggles

Stress & turbulence
fresh start after new moon

$ luck brightens the day



Jay Strauss said...

It would appear that many are looking for some pullback to find support at the 1120-25 area.

WE have some dates for the month to target
7th low
15th high
28th low


Is there more to worry about than
1120? I think we will get an answer to that on Monday

How much higher is high?

Look at the math
we we see 1220 again in the next 2 years??
will we see 666 in the next 2 years?

Is the Kondratieff winter still heading for June2012 lows?
How low is low


Abdullah said...

A respected floor trader telling you that for two years he's been saying the market isn't free, the Government and the Fed prop it up, juice it, make it go higher each time they want so everyone "feels better". In years gone by, the main stream media would have jumped all over that, calling for Congressional investigations. But today? Uhm no. They are in on it. Unfortunately that's the big problem folks, it's not just the Government and the Fed controlling the market, they control the media and what you're allowed to hear.

Abdullah said...

This is a suckers market for the average guy.

This market 1) does NOT belong at the level it's at, 2) the Fed and the Government are supporting it as we head to depression, and try and keep people's spirits "up" 3) it cannot last forever, and when it stops the DOW will go to 4500. Yes you read that right.. 4500.

E said...

"when it stops the DOW will go to 4500. Yes you read that right.. 4500."

Maybe 4500 Swiss Francs? But by then the Swiss Franc will be worth well over $2.

The Fed's foremost interest is protecting the banking system. In order to save the big banks from catastrophic real estate losses, they must inflate.

Abdullah said...

From Anthony's Blog:

" 5th bearish candle in a row~! All indicators point to a Black Oct. The smart money has already sold and gone short, while market sentiment hits recent highs. The easy money is finally about to be made on the short side, and no amount of manipulation can prevent it. The media campaign... to change investor sentiment has failed miserably. "

Jay Strauss said...

Positive energy for ALL of SPT & oct1st EXUDED from above, thus ALL the remarks & reports were biased in the POSITIVE
They just cant help it
bull trap
Positive sentiment ratio = 60%
Pc ratios =90% bearish last 3 days
Spt30th High was 110 tr days from April26th, hit the intraday high of 1158 @ open
Oct looks like VOLATILITY should return with a vengeance.

The reading says that Monday will be like traversing a minefield
just what that means remains to be seen tomrrow

The read for May6th was to expect a QUIRKY day & it sure was that.

Not that I think it means much, but the 7th will be 5 months from May6th or 107 tr days


Activity index has been hovering at or near 66 to 100 all last week, and is still there today