Friday, October 15, 2010

october - Helge & Lavoie

BOTH charts SEEM To be pointing DIRECTLY at Oct 27-28 as ALSO reflected by
Mahendra's projection for the same date

the next question is when does it start,
since we seem to have a handle on when it ends.

altho Nov 4th potential for secondary pivot is not shown.

Its possible we dont see anything serious until Oct 21st to 28th
or it may have already started

Regardless of Googles meteoric rise today, IF it wasnt up as much the NASDQ would NOT be up 22 pts at 2pm, and even at that, the Dow & spx are showing true colors

Looking for a trading pattern? check out the EKG daily
wish I could get the power graph to perform better,
but its from a very different source

Lavoie's graph shows high may have hit on WED, and the SPX did hit 1184.27 @ 2:15pm

Helge's graphs are harder to pinpoint and the top may have already occurred
but which looks like the 9th, which matches Spiral Cal date of the 10th.

ENERGY totally CHANGES after this WEEKEND
NEGATIVE ENERGY forces are in much great abundance
with very little positive influence interspersed thru Oct 28th.

Just what that means in terms of a price erosion is only a guess
some say maybe 5% & others indicate as much as 25%



AS said...

Jay - thanks for sharing ... you mentioned you were looking for Mon / Tues to be positive - now you aren't ?

ARAK said...

Jay are you expecting a turn on monday, or a gap down over the weekend or a turn starting Tue?

Jay Strauss said...

You really have to FORGET OLD forecasts
That was based on a LOW today
with a short term rebound on the 18th & 19th


I will be PUBLISHING my NEW--
[[yes]] NEW POWER DATA GRAPH which I have revamped from the SOURCE & I back tested to August.

I REALLY think I NOW have it aligned correctly;

IT shows a HIGh at open MONDAY
but after it shows DOWN;
the DATA is only avail for MON & Tues so far


Joseph said...

Seasonality stats from 1960 till now show Oct 27-29th a great time to buy till year end. Also, there as only been 12 times that SEPT was a positive mth since the 60s as per a report I read, the stats show that if SEPT was positive then the next 3 mth were positive as well after the dip in mid to late OCT. Report mention to buy banks, tech and transports along with metals as over weight and then AGriculture, Consumer discretionary and one other that I cant remember as equal weight.


Jay Strauss said...

HAS any read this report from EXCEPTIONAL BEAR

IMO, His assumptions maybe correct, but his timing may be wrong

He attributes a crash to FED intervention FAILURE of QE2

Market doesn't care about FED intervention unless its in response to markets such as in 2009, BUT it is my assumption the market would have recovered on its own with or without the FED

I was wondering WHY I have NOV 4th as a Bradley date, And IMO and IMPORTANT TURN HIGHER

THE TURN occurs the NEXT day after NOV 3rd and supposed FED announce of QE2 - so the initial reaction, IMO, WILL be viewed as INADEQUATE

At this point in time, some will say YES a CRASH is possible NOV 3rd or 4th, but NOV is targeted
for a MARKET rally