Thursday, October 07, 2010

General road map for next 6 months

TYPO- sorry ,did not proof read, got distracted- sh happens.

It was 528 tr days from SPT 2nd, 2008 at OPEN dow @ 11,790
to Oct 6th at OPEN dow @ 10,998

IT WILL BE 528 tr days from MARCH 9th, 2009 to March 28th 2011

Thanks for pointing out my error, & SOME of you picked up the RIGHT
dates immediately while others,---- well we wont say any more.

Just Coincidence ?? maybe For educational purposes, maybe.

Can we USE this knowledge?

Not today, but the graph might be useful
some did not like it and compared it to an EKG--
ooohh, thats what its supposed to look like.



San said...

S&P 500 before opening bell

Jay Strauss said...

power data shows today biased to go lower.
Shows MONDAY OPEN at 39 hours to OPEN at a HIGH, which if we only get a mildly lower day today, then Monday AM should ATTEMPT to hit the HIGHS {1163} one more time.
BUt the day STILL has potential
to recover any mid day lows
Tuesday 12th
ONE MORE TIME - damn, they just wont give it up yet. BUT this time there should be NO recovery

THEN the 13th & 14th should offer a more negative bias

Major sell off NOT DUE till after 18th, but we should see the market SLIDING into it after Tuesday's open

15th gets a POWER BOOST

BEAR action is SO RARE, that we really have to be cautious as to when it has stronger potential


AS said...

Based on what you just said Jay - why don't we find good points to go long ....

I don't know how many people are making money on this board trying to go short on these cycles that are all moving up

Abdullah said...

Jay - We're entering earnings season next week. They won't be bad, but we have seen some high profile "warnings" in the chip sector, in some retail, etc. Could this earnings season spell a short term top? Very possible.
Hence, your week of 18th as a major sell-off.

Abdullah said...

AS - how much can you capture in the LONG side??? 1-3% if that.

How much can you capture in the SHORT side??? IMO +30%

Abdullah said...

As far as today goes, I think they're going to hold the day flat.. it's job one to keep the market looking healthy for the weekend. But.. I'm still concerned that a mini rug pull is coming Monday or Tuesday.

Jay Strauss said...

HOW LONg can they keep it up
Yes SPT was good for the bulls
and now we are watching for a trend change, which usually takes about 3 days of CHURNING at a TOP

Yesterday was day 1
today is day 2
Mnday day 3

Just because my outlook for SPT failed, doesnt mean it will do so in OCTober

MY Congrats to any one who can catch those SHARP intraday turns

I know there are some who participate here, but Im still building more shorts at these levels

1170 = 9 possible new high today?? or MONDAY at open

Dow hit 11k today, but spx under 1064

ITs the same way every time we get to points like this.

Flash mentioned a turn today, but it might actually hit at open Monday

EKG shows lower open and mid day rally exactly like we now see, but also shows late sell off- we'll see if that works out

the reading did call for a serious start- better later &
so far its right on

Jay Strauss said...

We have to see the trend change which doesnt seem to have happened

they are still making higher highs and higher lows

When it shifts next week to lower highs & lower lows, then we will know there has been a change

still waiting for the day top to complete

FLUX indicator has been MASSIVE for 4 days in a ROW
havent seen that since 2008