Thursday, September 02, 2010

Graph from April26th

Graph from COLUMBIA public blog pages
Ignore the Elliott wave labels for now

Lets look at price relationships
WAVE equality, I've mentioned b4

Apr 26 high @1220 to Jly2nd low @1010 = 210 pts
1130 high on June21 - 210 pts = 920 spx

So we have potential from previous post for spx to 850
or 920 as above

WHEN, WHEN, When ??
thats the big question

that Oct 4th date looks possible, but I had mentioned Spt 24th b4,
and Im going to stick with that date a potential wave culmination,
with Oct 4th as possible back test

Now look at a SIMPLE wave count
WAVE {A} on July 2nd
WAVE {B} on Aug 9th
WAVE {C} in now progress
wv {a} low on Aug 24th at 10am @ 1041
wv {b} high in progress or may have completed at 10am today

NOW looking for {c} of {C} to complete in 3 waves as mentioned b4
SPT 8/9th low
Spt 20 high
Spt 24th LOW
30th high
oct4th low

October does NOT LOOK like a traders month - Volatility should DRY UP
especially if we get the {C} wave as described above



Jay Strauss said...

The LAST 4 years have had NEG moves
at labor day

06 lost 75
07 lost 144
08 lost 345
09 lost 186

Fred said...

2000 and 2001 were pretty big also

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Fred;
I was too lazy to go back any further

The Key to SPT 24 low will be the SPT 8th & 9th lows

9th at 10am is 13 hours + Neg energy at 9:27

Should linger till after 1pm where it can start to recover

78.6% /13 day at 12;26pm


Anonymous said...

your weekly power graph is completely upside down and has done the complete opposite; thus,an possibility what you are calling lows will be highs?

Jay Strauss said...

BOTH Lavoie & Spiral Cal missed also
Hope your acknowledging them also

UNless they REALLY take it HARD after labor day, I cant see how they are going to get to spx 1010
next week

Of course its not impossible, but it does not look very likely


San said...

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