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Thursday, September 30, 2010

SPT 30th EKG

What level would it take for the month of SPT to hold its TITLE
for the best Spt in 70 years

WILL an October 1 & 4 panic ERASE all the gains of the year??

Today they are ignoring some tough news from europe, and even they are not responding

Whats the STORY with CHINA trading next 7days??
Is the dollar going to EXPLODE UP off a LOW
and the LOW of the year was at 70, not 78 where it is now- and WHY has the MEDIA
been pushing it lower

BEST SPT in 70 years, actually 71 years to 1939
but they dont mention it was coming off a SCARY MARCH low on 1939
which was 30% lower.

And they dont mention that HUGE DROP in 1940

The Kondratieff wave still projects the WINTER LOW in 2012 which is 70 years
from the JUNE lows of 1942,
UNTIL Then, we can get a serious short term panic of 3 days or 3 weeks
giving the indeces a chance to recover as they do most of the time.



San said...

S&P 500 Futures before opening bell

rrman said...

Helge agrees with you Jay its down from right now and probably big down but reverse right before close and big up until midnight then reverse and big down into tomorrows close

SurfRat03 said...

rrman....helge said the same thing into 9/27...HUGE down,etc...

dead wrong....Jay said weds huge down...

have all these charts inverted completely, thus his 10/4 MIGHT be a blowoff high or are these delayed and why?

cementzak said...

top is IN @ 2400 (COMPQ)

best regards

Jay Strauss said...

Hi SurfRat
thanks, but dont count on that

did you see the daily readings

They are falling into place

and its only 11;30am
the EKG infer a late sell off

Jay Strauss said...

Please keep in mind that
POWER Graph and EKG
are better suited for DIRECTION over AMPLITUDE

Just because the power graph SHOWS a deep sell off doesnt guarantee reality, BUT it did show the day lower

We MUST keep our comments in context, other wise it seems like YOU all expect perfection

WEll the EKG has a 70% success ratio, and the power graph is at about 50% overall


haagensen said...

Jay.. any idea for the direction for the 13.40 - 13.45 turningPoint ?


Abdullah said...

After this "best September" in 70 year chant... do we just keep roaring into October? Hey, it could be. But the rubber band sure feels stretched.

My guess is that we move up a bit more, despite the jobs report. Then, out of the blue a flash "rug pull" will hit, and drop us really quickly. Then for the year end they'll manufacture one more run before it's "lights out".

You can tell my SHORTS positions are not doing well. Oh well ... I will just play WAIT & SEE.

Jay Strauss said...

any sell off tomrrow should not come from employment which should be a non event

Something might hit tonight or overnight effecting EUROPE to start the avalanche

WE got a CLEAN 5 wave decline OFF
the open high at 1158- {damn amazing- they just had to hit that #}

Now in a wave 2 retracement

noon low came on 210 bars and we have 258 at 4pm, or open, THEN 39 hrs at 10am could be a rebound high.

New moon on 7th indicates a fresh start, so any deep impact tomrrow & Monday could give & take until then b4 heading up till the 20th


astro8 said...

I have a bradly date today. Wanted to share this article with this group
I am still long the VXX The VIX is up pretty good today , must be hedging there longs. Copy and paste in your browser

haagensen said...

TurningsPoints for tomorrow:


( UK time )


pimaCanyon said...

Hi Jay,

Well, from your comments it looks like you're expecting something big on the downside to happen tomorrow or Monday or both, right?

My sense is that the market must turn down by the end of next week. If not, then after the elections is a possibility. (That's a long time to wait if you're holding short positions!)

Good luck!

SurfRat03 said...

/es head and shoulders top on 5 min chart...

looks scary for longs!