POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spt 21st EKG - & end of day comparison

NEARLY PERFECT - STILL at 70%, and I dont really expect it to get any better than that
Looks about the same as yesterday

26 hours at 10am

Yesterday was perfect feel good day

new Wall St movie premiere

Headline News - recession ended in 2009

Pres town hall meeting on National TV

tomrrow is Autumn Equinox, often a turn date

23rd of month = 5 = CHANGE, can by off by a day in either direction

38%/13 day cycle at 10:42am
228bars at 4pm



Abdullah said...

Housing starts rose 10%

amazing??? criminals CNBC all over it??? but they failed to tell us: The gain in August was led by a 32.2 percent surge in multifamily starts, following a 36.0 percent increase in July. The single-family component rebounded 4.3 percent after dipping 6.7 percent in July

If you add up July's number with this number, single family homes are down from June. But "multifamily" which simply means "APARTMENTS FOR RENT" went up. Up a lot.

They have shown us a level of fraud and manipulation that even I can't believe.

Jay Strauss said...

IT certainly SMACKS of EDITED data
which AGAIN fits in with the FEEL GOOD DAY of yesterday

Multi family can also rep condos, but I doubt that went up.

My condo is DOWN 60% from its highest last sold value in 2007-2008


San said...

S&P 500 in a channel

Joseph said...

Here in Canada, major cities I have 2 properties for sale. One just closed for Nov 1st. My brother sold 5 mths ago and got top dollar for his property. A few lots on the street that I sold got 25k more than me in 5mths... I had approx 60 folks see the lot.. no offers and its no where near a junk property, large and well kept, 3 full units etc.. I took my first offer, negotiated a bit and sold; looking to sell the 2nd

My point is housing in Canada is also sliding big time no matter what the media says as my buddy owns a semi large Real-Estate firm and he advised me that his office and others are VERY Slow....

I think we run up to sideways to OCT... problem is everyone else is expecting this so is it NOV we take the MAJOR HIT ??


Jay Strauss said...

Real estate homes across the street are single fam and many have tried to sell over the past 2 years - VERY FEW have turned over

One for sale right now is being offered for half of what it would have sold in 2007, and there is no one looking

BED BUG infestation --Hmmm
more typical of MAJOR MKT LOWS
that shows me just how inverted this mkt is, and that we are IN A BEAR mkt for a more extended period

Most everyone looks for October to get nasty, but It can come without warning NOW, or Late NOV
or both

look at the 10 year history
go back to 1932,
every 10 years had a low, except 1974, an anomoly,

kondratief wave bottoms in 2012


Fred said...

It is possible we start selling off around 3:00 EST today, but if we don't and end near the highs, does that change anything Jay. Today was supposed to be down or negative...and we aren't getting that.

Jay Strauss said...

If we get any sell off after 3pm, thats great, but overnight
is where the power index shows tomrrow collapsing


YES its coming

The MKT wants us ALL to change our positions at JUST THE WRONG TIME

I dont know HOW many times that happened to me in my early years

SPX much less than the dow at 3pm, indicating inherent weakness

OIL off $1.83