POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Spt 15th EKG

Tommrow should make it to that MAGIC 1130 number
Once there, I will be looking for a short, maybe between 2pm & 4pm.
Let me KNOW if you want me to continue with the DAILY EKG

It seems to be quite valuable for those who trade daily
but if your not getting anything from it, then why bother

39hrs at 10am
156 bars @ 2:00pm

Pos energy at 10am
Neg energy @ 2:17 And 2:52pm

Today calls for mid day low, possibly at 2 to 3pm
and late afternoon shift

Tomrrow calls for a tranquil day
but dont make any biz decisions

Friday calls for early difficulties - better later



Dolphin said...

yes, please continue posting the daily EKG.
thanks for your research.

rrman said...

yes I use it Jay.....Helge says the initial big sell off begins anytime here around Noon Central down all day then at close a retrace of most of the move for a few hours then start the big down ending at the open tomorrow then rally for a few days until tues or wed then the final big down starts
ending around the 27th ....

rrman said...

There was a POMO today which caused the rally this morning it is complete lately after they announce the results the day usually reverses....we also have one tomorrow which might be the reason Helge says we tank hard all night but then rally tomorrow when the POMO kicks in ..

AS said...

Jay - pls do post your EKG as its quite valuable ....

your power graph seems to be working spot on .... 14th high , 15th low this am ... then next is 16th high ...

AS said...

Rman - Helge also seems inverted for this week ... if so, then it matches Jay ... low around 1-2 pm then ramp into tomorrow 16th then sharp down

Jay Strauss said...

16th is still looking like a positive day
Friday indicates MOST of the day is DOWN, but should recover be days end

OK, glad to hear your using the EKG
ITS working quite well

Great to hear CNBC commentators promoting STRONG underlying market conditions

Are they in for a Shock
and those are the same people who
will then scream SELL at just the wrong time


rrman said...

I am using Helge to trade /6e and has been working well he seems to track the dollar inverse pretty seems like when /es doesnt track the
inverse dollar then Helge does invert when trading S&P or DOW

AS said...

Jay - so for now we are looking at 20th as a high - is that right ?

This is what you said before
10th low
20th high
24th low
29th high
oct4th low

AS said...

From one of the other sites I visit

From the Stock Traders Almanac:
September 17th - September Triple witching, Dow up 5 straight and 6 of the last 7

- Week after September triple witching, Dow down six of the last 7, Five in a row 2002-2006 with heavy losses 2002-2005

Jay Strauss said...

Frac Man announcing flash crash #2 soon

It will be more than just a flash

I am contemplating a new short position on or about Thsdays close

Friday open till about noon has good chance to make quick $ on it.
first time since mid August


rrman said...

Should be a huge gap down at open in the morning if you short now cover at open as we will recover it all in the morning