Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Spt 28th EKG

Darn Straight
just as projected by the Power graph, we seem to have a day that goes no where

maybe the CALM b4 the storm??

26hr cycle at 10am tomororw might indicate the hod, and the reading
calls for a change



San said...

Dow Jones Futures before opening bell

Red Dragon Leo said...

Hey Jay...

Thanks for stopping by my site. And yeah, the craps going to hit the fan soon, as this game is running out of chairs to sit in.

When the last chair is pulled, the one left standing won't be the bear... it's going too be the bull, and he's not going too be happy.

I have so many downside FP's now, that I feel extremely confident that a major crash is definitely coming soon.

Of course the "soon" part is hard too predict, so I'll just take it one day at a time. This week should end down, with a possible positive day on Friday.

I only say that because it's another opx day, and they usually like to pin the market where it will do the most damage to options' holders. I don't think it's going to rally back up and put in a positive close on the week... only a possible positive close on that day.

As for next Monday, I don't know yet. We'll have too see how this week goes first.

Abdullah said...

Morning all, welcome to the next chapter of "how the market churns".

A floor trader, from the exchange telling you flat out that you have to be long because the Fed and the Government are supporting the market. Where's the SEC? Where's the concept of a "free and open market?"

Abdullah said...

TZA could be a good pick for tomorrow

Trader M said...

Have to say I cant understand that not one short with any pull around the pits or media comments or takes a stand after they day after day take the traders money on the short side. I cant understand that No one ever looks into a camera and says the words The PPT or Fed /banks are manipulating the USD to inflate the market!

AS said...

Jay - EKG today ?