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Thursday, September 23, 2010

SPT 23rd EKG & commentary

FYI- I thought this might be important to see NOW
PRELIM EKG For Friday morning - see the above graph
yesterday was an 8 day high, but one day late for the averages,
and yet is might work out.

MY proprietary ADv- decl & vol ratios are way off the highs of SPT 9th and yet the price
of the mkt ran higher till Tuesday on WANING internals- What does that say about the TRUE strength of the mkt-- IMO<>

In view of RRMAN's history lesson concerning Oct6th THIS year
I had already proposed a decline starting this week, but ENDING temporarily on

Also we read that the next 100 days is marked with UNCERTAINTY
as the planets are clustered in the southern hemisphere-
supposedly a negative for human emotions & stock prices

OFF TOPIC, somewhat-
Maybe thats why the GOP wants to shut down our NATIONAL Govt and create havok
remember the reading of Tuesday-- Jarring & disruptive to CREATE HAVOK-
and so it might come to pass--- but I hope not, and I'm sure no one else, even those
that propose it, would like to see happen in reality.

Stressed FULL moon all day today
Jobless claims some what negative adds to the selling pressure

126BARS @ 4pm and or open tomrrow should lead to a lower open tomrow
along with
62%/ 13 day at 11:13
156bars at 11:30am
Neg energy at 10;30
DAILY hourly turn @ 11am
EARLY EKG reading shows sharply lower open
one reading for tomrrow also indicates early confusion

According to Monday's reading, the mkt should open lower and recover during the day
How do we anticipate our positions? with this knowledge is the next question.

I COULD PLAN to close out shorts my Friday AM,
Possibly sell the close for a scalp trade on Monday's open - but thats really high risk
Once in the clear tomrrow AM, It might be an advantage to watch and wait for
Monday's lower open to possibly buy long as the next HIGH turn is not expected
until the 30th @ 1pm

As members of this community, I expect all of you to add your trading expertise
as the mkt makes important levels when your indicators give you readings to share.

Much thanks

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