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Friday, September 24, 2010

Wave 1 = Wave 5

from Columbia's public charts
wave 1 from 1040 to 1065 =25 pts
wave 5 from 1123 to 1148 = 25 pts



Fred said...

Don't know Elliott wave that much, but since we broke the Tuesday high, wouldn't this move from the close of yesterday be Wave 1 of the 5th wave up we need 4 more waves to complete on the upside here (to have 5 waves in the 5th wave). Wave 4 ended yesterday near the close and we are now in the early stages of Wave 5. Make sense?

Kc135a said...

Today's rally should do it and I am not using ewaves. Monday should be hard down on the open and then more down or hard down and a final 76.4% up retrace before heading down in earnest.

Fred said...

All the elliott wave guys have this as the start of the 5th wave, but 3 of the 4 waves in this move up (since Aug. 25) have only lasted 2-3 trading days...and Wave 3 lasted nearly a month. So it is possible we have a 1 day 5th wave today. I doubt it, but I bet it won't be long either.

after8 said...

dont be fooled,this is not topping today and i'll be surprised if it tops next week now either,not gut feeling,cycles.the break of tuesdays high is extremely significant.anyone shorting,use tight stops.

cementzak said...

probably one more push needed to complete this upleg.

take care,

pimaCanyon said...

yep, I think we completed only wave 3 up, wave 5 may have started late today. I'm also expecting new highs next week, 1150 at least, but 60 is more likely, and 1170 is possible.

Jay Strauss said...

the POINT of showing that Elliott wave is that wave 5 usually matches wave 1, and that is why we had the sell off from the 21st to the 23rd
of only 25 spx pts

Its a tell tale sign that the wave has completed its run.

Its really great that NO ONE NOW sees ANY sell off at all until OCTOBER

I have to say , and I will repeat this later
one, and after it hits, there will be NO SELLING until LATE NOV

In other words, After OCT4th, there will be NO LATE OCT crash
and the trend will be BIASED positive until NOV 21st full moon