Tuesday, September 14, 2010

SPT 14th EKG & comments

Couldnt ask for anything better

Today's cycles

13 day cycle pivot at 11am -- would normally add support for a later day recovery
the SELL off late day MIGHT be more appropriate for TOMRROW AM/OPEN

30bars at 10:30am
60bars at 1pm
90bars at 3;30pm

From the above, we would expect a bias to move lower most of the morning till at least 11am

retail sales data - non event

today's read calls for $$ stress
and a good day to lay low



reddragonleo said...


It looks like traffic has dried up on your site too. Don't feel bad, I've been browsing around and everyones' traffic is low... mine included.

As for the market, I'm looking for a turn down as early as this Friday, but for sure next week. This rally should end around that 1130 level.

Yes, it could go a little past it... mainly to take out the overhead stops, but that next level up of 1170 shouldn't be reached.

At most, I say 1150... but I'm not really expecting to see it get passed 1130. But, anything is possible... especially with this extremely light volume.

Good luck you...


San said...

S&P 500 - Inverted head and shoulders

Jay Strauss said...

traffic is to say at the least DEAD
Yahoo groups ALSO

People have NOTHING to get excited about

Im getting ready for Next week

Have been reviewing and reviewing

Nothing has changed

I dont know WHAT will be the catalyst or the NEWS item that coincides with next week problems, but it will be substantial


rrman said...

dollar chart

Looks like Mahendramay be right on with dollar call we hit his low range of 81.30 which on the dollar chart that is Att. that is the bottom
of the long term trendling and the Euro is at the top of the long term trendline.... looks like dollar will make its move back up to the
top of the trendline and if M is right it will happen in the next 30 days which will be HUGE and will mess things up crazily in the markets.

Jay Strauss said...

couple of timing notes have come to my attention FWIW

an 18 month cycle low to low=
396 tr days
March 9th + 398days = oct4th
a 4 year cycle also culminates
about the same time from Mid
JULY 06.


reddragonleo said...


A big move is coming, and I really don't think it's going to be one to the upside. It could start anytime now, but I'm sure they are trying to hold it up until after opx this Friday.

Unless they plan on getting short themselves, and profiting from really cheap expiring September options? I'd keep a sharp eye out for some huge put buying volume on this front month expiration.

Cobra posted about a large buyer of puts last month... and it dropped hard on that Friday... meaning that large buyer knew where it was going. Let's see if he returns.

Also, Mr. TopStep is very bearish right now... mainly because of the lack of any retracements. However, he did mention that "if" they really want to keep rallying this market up, then 1148 is the next level he's looking at...


snoopy said...

RED--Love your updates--keep-em coming--the calm before the storm !!! I think even mainstreet has the lies figured out--Someone is waiting to see who is leaving the room first !!

Abdullah said...

In plain terms, you should take this rally for what it is: a
gift from the market Gods to cash out some profits and
prepare for what's to come.
-- more VXX

crissy said...


I don't see the $ going up fast, from some eventually big disturbances, I don't exspect to fall under last low. ABC, C down may be in, as a four.

I would appreciate if we were using our own head and ability ,instead of listening.

This is no affront, just a guess.

I like you so much, so I don't wanna see you getting mixed up.

I'll stop postin here for a while , by the way, as I get no answers. This is just consequent, as I am used to be.

Take care all of you,


rrman said...

Hey Crissy thanks for the comment I read M but usually he is way late or
way early on his calls but the reason I think he may be right is the way the dollar and euro have been moving so fast between the top and bottom of their channels/upper lower trendlines
and helge seems to confirm on his long term chart which has been right on most of the year "something" is going to happen very fast spiking the dollar then it will go down rallying the market in the remainer of the year