Monday, September 20, 2010

Spt 20th EKG & comments

MY proprietary ADV decl & volume indicators are screaming SELL
their LEVELS TODAY are woefully lower than the levels they reached on SPT9th


As previously indicated
TODAY has little value for anyone
expect to put on the finishing touches

All of the data previously eminated from this site is about to come to fruition

Nothing anyone can say or do can change the course of events about to unfold - WHATEVER they may be

Obviously whatever happens will not be armagedon, but will have an impact none the less

As the Monday Spt27th read says- dont believe what you hear & read as SENTIMENT will go to an extreme negative.

When the Media is screaming disaster, its time to be contrary



San said...

Dow Jones futures before opening bell

AS said...

Jay - you mentioned 1000 pt drop in 3 days ... that will be like armageddon - no ?

Abdullah said...

Interestingly Wednesday is the "autumnal equinox". As you know as a loose rule, Wednesday's often reverse what happened on Monday and Tuesday. It was so prevalent for so many years. Well it's kid of interesting that Wednesday will be the equinox... and market history shows us that Autumn equinox's often mark "big" market moves.

Jay Strauss said...

I dont know HOW such a fall would be
perceived, but Im sure it will not be liked by many.

Many many times, when it seems that Wall st is under control, biz look pretty good, and the mkts are stable, IS JUST THE TIME the rug gets pulled out.
FOr whatever reason, we still dont know.

Its not something that has never happened b4
April2000 ,was copied by May 2010, not in exact style, but quite similar never the less

I suspect Spt 2010 will emulate Spt or Oct 2000 when the dow dropped 1400 points.

March 2001 gave back 1800 pts
July 02 gave up 1900 pts

WE have seen such things b4.

Which also means we NOW should see the mkt zig zag its way to a final low sometime in 2012, maybe october, maybe not-
thats a discussion we dont need to have right now

IMO< over all, we can expect the mkts to copy 2001 & 2002
NEVER EXACTLY the same, but the bias is there


Anonymous said...

let's hope you are right,especially realtive to a similar about to "fall off a cliff" call on 7/2....

Abdullah said...

You guys think the FED will raise interest rate when they meet tommorow?