POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Monday, September 27, 2010

Spt 27th EKG, update & commentary

NOT TOO BAD overall
RSI took a DIVE after 2;30pm
AS did the OBV & MACD

the POWER graph shows tomrrow HOLDING ON for dear life,
and the BIG action starts WED.

PC ratios = 90% Bearish

Best Spt in 70 years

13 Hrs at 10am



Abdullah said...

I'm leaning toward the idea that a rug pull has to be lurking here, and we could easily end the week lower. The problem is I thought that last week too, and it looked like it was coming true as we had 3 down days in a row. Then Friday they ran in and saved it. It's hard to make predictions when Uncle Sam is lurking in the background too.

Jay Strauss said...

Last week was then
this is NOW
TIME changes everything
Last weeks late recovery pushed sentiment to the max, for now

Also keep in mind what has been the trend since Mar9th, 2009;

I've mentioned b4 - LOW within first 5 days of month and Highs between 20th & 26th of each month

23 & 5 in numerology reflect CHANGE

I put up that chart of 1936-1942 as it very nicely resembles current trends from Oct2007

Lost 900 pts
regained 62% = 550 to 1220
held at 1010- lost 210pts
now at 1150 and the C wave seems to point to a loss of 210 to spx950

that would get us an UPWARD BIAS for about 9 months b4 the next severe & brief sell off, but more on that later



Abdullah said...

Yeah they could drop down and fill that gap.

cementzak said...

patetic sell off so far, appears not to be impulsive, probably means higher highs soon

take care,

cementzak said...

nasdaq made a higher high as expected... but this can be the final push, closing the may gap


Abdullah said...

cementzak - the gap needs to fill lower.

Jay Strauss said...

most of Helges graphs show a sharp dip now to Wednesay
and again on oct4th

Charts edge has today floating
and higher tomrrow

I show higher tomrrow, but from a closing lower

Jay Strauss said...

REMEMBER the warning for the day
DO NOT BELIEVE what you see

WEd calls for a CHANGE & unsettling moods


Jay Strauss said...

Friends tell me they had best day in months on Friday

All boats rise at high tide.

midnite high tide is tomorow

There are no major energy effects Mon & Tue

Charts edge has Wed with sell off

EKG today at 3pm so far is a bust just like Friday

Abdullah said...

Equity rallies based on government manipulation don't strike me as sustainable, and I continue to secure short positions in VXX/FAZ/BGZ that I feel are promising.

Jay Strauss said...

short positions are only good thru OCT 4th
Octobers energy is mostly positive

FUNNY that POSITIVE energy is 99% positive.
Negative energy can sometimes also be positive,
AT Least when it comes to MONEY


Jay Strauss said...

waves still choppy-
NOT impulsive

when it goes, there will be NO DOUBT

If starting WED,
the longer they wait, the more severe it will be on a daily basis- but SO BE IT.

Might be some overhang on AM of the 5th, but for the most part
the rest of the month is biased up.


Abdullah said...

Jay - FYI, Crawfords has huge decline starting Oct 1 and perhaps ending 15. We may see DOW 11278 before elections, but then all bids are off and DIVE down we go into sub 8,000 in DOW.

Jay Strauss said...

there is NO energy beyond early 5th that can trounce money
do you see anything?
I dont

Abdullah said...

this is crawford forecast not mine.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks Abdullah
I realize that, and I was trying to get something out of you in the way
of a discusssion;
Do you see his rationale?
Read my latest update on the newer posting