Friday, September 24, 2010

SPT 24th EKG & comments

as You can see from the EKG, the OPEN rally today is only a wave 2 reaction to the
5 waves dropped from 1148 to 1123 as per the previous publication

Yesterday was very moderate, but a clear warning bell, if your ears are on.-
an old CB terminology from the 70's.

THE TREND from SPT 21st at 2:30 to Oct4th is DOWN
How it gets to that pivot is up to the mkt, and thats what we try to determine, but we have to keep in mind the MAIN focus
Yes, I may have shorted a little early, and maybe I dont catch EVERY SWING
but DO stay tuned.

there is 68 hours of trading from 2;30 on the 21st to 4pm on the 4th OR open on 5th
I have been doing a study of tradings hours from lows to highs to lows, etc
EACH segment is at or very near FIBONACCI-- and why not, of course they would be

the Time segment mentioned above is 68 hours which is 55 + 13
You can do the math yourselves
July1 low to 13th high was 47 hrs = 34+13
To july20th low = 26hrs = 21+5
To Aug 9th high = 89 hrs
and so forth

More later



Abdullah said...

The Daily full stochastics for the S&P definitely signaled "sell" from overbought levels. The relative strength indicator is overbought across the board.

Abdullah said...

Over the past 13 years, major market declines have occurred over the autumn equinox ten times. Seven of those ten times could be classified as some form of a crash. Considering that for right now prices peaked on the 21st, this could be the eleventh time if we don't see them recover the market and push us higher.

Abdullah said...

Did you guys noticed that over the past two months the market has flashed every "sell signal" it has ever posted.. from the "death cross" to the head and shoulders, to the Hindenberg Omen. Yet on the very days those signals flash, we see the Fed via it's member banks simply plow tons of money into the market and make it recover.

Abdullah said...

The question I have personally is just this.. how long can that go on? Yes I am in VXX, FAZ, BGZ. As you can see I keep adding 10-20% at a time. I think I am done with SHORTS for now. Do I pick any LONG position - HELL NO!!!

It could end any time, but will.

Fred said...

I see that, I just use something else and it shows a high into next week or two, then a huge decline. It also shows us getting over the 1148 print on the S&P next week. Anyway, I think you have something pretty big here, but I take everything I read anywhere with a grain of salt.