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Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Detailed EKG for 23rd verses Wave

COMPARE to EKG below
graph from Columbia's public charts
Shows me 5 wave s DOWN from 1148 to 1123 = wave 1
Now in a rebound wave 2 till later today, probably 3 legs a,b,c

The Spt 23rd DETAILED EKG shows it the same

WAVE 3 should hit late today and Early tomrrow
as previously posted till about 11am.
WAVE 4 should last almost all day after the open tomrrow
wave 5 of this leg should occur MONDAY @10 10am .

I had projected a much deeper cut on this leg,
but it doesn't look like it will be that way.

I had mentioned 2 different scenarios- one hard & fast,
the other long and tedious.

This idea indicates the BIAS now thru early Feb has a

number of sharp retreats interspersed with sharp rallies,
offsetting each other as we make our way to a Lower trading PIVOT


cementzak said...

i see an abc down Jay

with an impulse reversal to higher highs


ps: that power graph you posted seems to work for the dollar, so dollar will keep falling until monday? means market will top on monday

Jay Strauss said...

Yes mkt will be Up on Monday
AFTER a weak start

Low on Mnday 27th open
Next high an turn on 30th

cementzak said...

i see the dollar reversing on monday, while you see the market bottom.

we'll see Jay...


cementzak said...

i tell you, that power graph you posted works for the DOLLAR, not for the spx. hope this helps.


Jay Strauss said...

Yes I can see it as an ABC
BUT it also counts out as 5 waves

IF we DONT get a strong sell off today, then TOMRROW, even after open should offer a stronger selling day

some times we get a FLIP
WE GOT A STRONGLY lower open today
but the warning for getting worse just might be more proper for tomrrow

Using the First STRESS point
of SPT 27th AT 10am we are watching just HOW we get to the PIVOT

Im trying to PROVIDE a ROAD MAP, but all I can give really is the PIVOT or TURN points - How we get there is the mkts way of keeping us confused
WOW Im busy today
We got a 25 pts loss from 1148 to 1123
NOW back up 50% to 1135
62% would be at 1139, but I tend to doubt they will get there

I can SEE abc x abc from the low of 1123 to 1135

ARe we on the same page?

If the mkt is setting UP wave A and B TODAY, then wave C is TOmrrow, which can break into 5 waves

If the mkt is setting up wave 1 & 2 today , then WAVE 3 is tomrrow

Tomorrow is more influenced by the Hard neg energy of Saturday
& Sunday with the overflow on Monday OPEN.


Fred said...

I agree with Cementzak. Ff we don't close below the open of today, we likely go to higher highs into Monday. This setup is similar to 7/30, 8/16, and 8/31 of this year. We do need to start selling off here..but the NASDAQ has certainly led this rally and looks like up is the direction. That can all change by the EOD today, but if it closed right here, we should get an up open tomorrow. Just what I see.

Jay Strauss said...

thanks guys

Im attempting to look ahead
using the scientific resources available to me as published for
the members & guests


Jay Strauss said...

the daily reading may have flipped

we had the LOWER open today and thus tomrrow might open higher
and fail afterward

Whenever I find a reading that states
DONT believe what you hear , read or see, it LEADS TO A TURN

thus it confirms my suspicion about a lower OPEN on Monday and TURN at 10am

Thus If we dont get a serious sell off today, then IT MUST HIT TOMRROW


AS said...

I agree with what cemenztek is seeing - one more high before we pullback ....

AS said...

Take a look at this ...

John said...

I must say Jay, good call. The intraday chart looked like consolidate and break upwards...