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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Spt 29th EKG

Another success
Dollar coming off lows ???
Fed induced LOW ??

26 hrs are 10am = rebound high??

today calls for a CHANGE in trend

NEW highs 171
new lows 14

Level of new highs is WOEFULLY less than the levels on the
20th = 324/8
21st= 233/6



Jeff said...

Thanks Jay

Abdullah said...

Red? Is that red I see? Where the hell is Bernanke?????? Get him on the horn..what happened? Did your printing press throw a cog?
We saw this show yesterday folks. Down 90 points on bad economic news, only to see program after program fire and end the day +46. That's the major bank institutions, via the Fed's Pomo money getting pushed straight into the market.

Will they do it again? Probably, I don't know.

Trader M said...

Agree and one wonders why there is flash crashes out there when the bid goes away.

Reza said...

Strange but a thought. In one week we had 3 POMO's, market still at 1142, no change. Its just holding up the market

Jeff said...

Jay: Any changes to your strategic thinking for the next few days?

Jay Strauss said...

Spt seems to want to go out with that BEST in 70 years designation

How much can they give up today and still hold onto that REWARD

Will 2 days of PANIC ERASE the WHOLE year??
Not likely, but its still the prognosis

One could AGE from watching paint dry this last 2 weeks