POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Where is that ILLUSIVE Crash ??

Is there REALLY going to be any set back, ??
or are we to suppose the moon is waiting for a landing ??

the Wave seems to be HOLDING ON FOR DEAR LIFE as we Mark time
everything happens in its OWN time, not according to what we would want

But we have taken on the task of determining when there will most likely be
serious sell off to the current trend- WE have NO idea WHY it would happen,
as that only becomes clear AFTER the fact.

We had already reached a 62% retrace {{555pts}} of the 08/09
loss of 900 pts at spx 1220
AND on JULY 1st they gave back 38.2% to spx 1010

NOW we see the SPX hitting the 1110 level last week which = a 78% retrace from 1010 -1130
Yes its possible to reach a little higher up to 1130 next week.
We are at a BRADLEY turn date on the 11th which could easily hit on Monday, Spt 13th.
From there, the next Bradley date is OCT 1st
which coincides with a cluster of negative energy

Using FIBO math which has been discussed b4,
we can guess that the next important level would also be
62% of 555 = 344 pts taking the spx from 1220 to 875
Columbia's chart above shows that FIBO level

SINCE we are now at 1110, that would represent a loss of 255 pts
The NEXT QUESTION, of course is WHEN.

There are TWO HEAVY Negative ENERGY clusters coming up
first series from SPT 20 to 24th
Second series from Spt 30 to Oct4th

IMO, TIME & PRICE should converge as indicated above &
There is a possibility that one of those days would occur with loss of 1000 dow points -
most likely SPT 23rd.



crissy said...

There is no impulsive move,as shown, Jay.

Corrective as well as up and down.

That makes it nearly unpredictable.
As long as the indices will are stuck in that mood, I'll stay with my 3pdh Projection, as there is nothing else I've got chartwise another idea for.

The € low could occur at 17th. Go figure, rrman, any idea ?

crissy said...

cancel 'will', please.

crissy said...

Hopefully nobody will laugh at me, but € should be ready to take off from 17th -22nd

crissy said...


Jay Strauss said...

Hi Crissy
thats what makes an IRREGULAR top
its a high within a corrective wave
ALL 3's
And when it unwinds- well, thats what ive already described

Market GURU web site is gone??