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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

SPT7th EKG @ 8:30am & after close follow up

It certainly is encouraging to see today's EKG work out so WELL
We are still at 69% SUCCESS from its first publication on March 24th

Bulletin for TODAY
ARMS 5 at ** 77.8** and TRIN 5 at ** 389** BOTH issued a SELL signal TODAY

Multiple images might create a problem, but we'll see how well or not this will work.

Might have to abandon this index if this problem continues



San said...

Dow Jones futures before opening bell

AS said...

Almost reached the top range of pullback that I was looking for ... on Friday ... 1075 - 1090

Fred said...


Don't we need to see a really bad day tomorrow for this to sell off into Thursday and Friday. Also, any close above the open of today likely means a move above Friday's high in my opinion.

Jay Strauss said...


AS said...

Jay - could you pls share your monthly power index for Sept as well ....

I still expect one more push up before a fall ... with so many bears being stubborn this may be a squeeze to remember

Abdullah said...

Jay - Sept. 16, 2010. A 6-6-6 degree Astrology pattern, with 3 planets at 6 degrees: Saturn/Satan at 6 degrees Libra, Venus at 6 degrees Scorpio, and Mercury at 6 degrees Virgo.

Could this indicate a major war then? Israel/Iran; Pakistan-India or North Korea?

Jay Strauss said...

thanks, but I guess that remains to be seen, but I tend to doubt it

I dont know why the Bradley date this month is the 11th..

It shows as a high on the chart
with oct 1st as the next low.
however, it also indicated 8/10 as a low and of course it was a high.

They are good at turns, but not so good as what direction of the turn.

Im not privy to the formula that makes it ,but
Why wouldnt the 18th be the Bradley date with such power as it has that day

And IF the 11th turns in another HIGH of SPT , then Bradley of OCT 1st/4th STILL has the culmination of negative events about to unfold.


Jay Strauss said...

theres no need to publish a graph as
ive already laid out the turns of the month

Keep something else in mind
Its OFTEn stated that the high holiday trading is usually very low and yet on OCT,9 2008- yom Kippur day we saw the dow lose 700 pts

And we are past the 144/377 tr day cycle convergence of Spt 3rd.

so anything unexpected can happen
as we head for the 400 tr day cycle on Oct 4th- the next Bradley

PS, if you've got other info that can contribute, please do so.