Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Power Graph, Week of Spt 24th & 27th

NOTE on 23rd- LOOKS LIKE 22nd & 23rd maybe reversed

I should have published this on Sunday as it more clearly shows the CHANGE occurring after today

I Hate the idea of HOLDING over a wkend, but the graph and reading indicate
a LOWER open on Monday, Spt 27th, but it does give us choices.

I know Im putting the CART in front of the HORSE since NOTHING has happened
yet, so I'll wait to suggest what I would like to do on Friday, GIVEN the above comes to fruition

The previous week power graph worked out quite well- obviously not 100%
but in general it did depict the daily mkt moves with decent accuracy

ITS NOW 3:30 and I think they've SHOT the works
disparity of SPX much less than DOW leading the overall mkt lower

They just had to over ride 1130 and get to 1150, almost -- exactly@ 1148.59
which adds up to the next higher level of 5
1+1+4+8 = 14 = 5

SPX heading lower at 3:35pm @ 1139.43 with still 25 minutes to go

I have NO idea why the FED hype would indicate a strong market
for anyone to buy into -- HYPE -HYPE - HYPE

FED said the economy sucks and they stand ready to apply more aid.
DUHH; doesnt that mean the economy is in deep doodoo
WHO would buy into that ?? retail buyers??
Last minute buyers who think they missed the rally -
Isnt that what makes a FIFTH WAVE??

204bars at 2PM CYCLED in right at FED time= pivot low
228bars @ 4pm and or open tomrrow



ARAK said...


Are you saying a small run up is possible in afterhours? So a secondary peak is possible by open tomorrow?

Jay Strauss said...


cementzak said...

correct Sir. top could be in.

hope so anyways


astro8 said...

Was reading the blog about your comments on the Fed announcement today. Everything the Fed has done since 2008 has been in response to a bad economy and look where we are. I would think Dow 7K more likely then almost 11K. After all the bad labor reports in August , there was one comment that made sense, though not really. I quote " The news is so bad it can't get worse" and up we went. Seems to be market sentiment. Having said that. I am long the VXX ha. could it really get that much better from here? we will see. Maybe we should go long Yom Kippur? Happy New Year to you Jay

ARAK said...

* Today (Sept. 21) at 8 p.m. EDT (1200 GMT), Jupiter is in opposition. This means that Jupiter will be exactly opposite the sun in Earth’s sky. This also means that Jupiter will be visible the entire night. (Yesterday — Sept. 20 — Jupiter made its closest approach to Earth in nearly 50 years.)
* Five hours later, at 1 a.m. tomorrow (Sept. 22), Uranus will be in opposition, taking its turn opposite the sun in the sky.
* Later tomorrow at 3 p.m., Jupiter and Uranus will be in conjunction, less than 1 degree apart in the sky. They won’t be visible right then in North America because they will be below the horizon, but they will still be close together when they rise just after sunset. You will be able to see both planets at the same time in the field of a small telescope at low magnification.
* The show continues tomorrow night at 11:09 p.m. EDT (0309 GMT Thursday, Sept. 23), when the sun crosses the celestial equator — a projection of Earth's equator on the sky — and enters the southern hemisphere. This is known as the equinox, meaning "equal nights." Daytime and nighttime are of equal length, about 12 hours, everywhere on Earth. (Of course, the sun won’t be visible at this time in North America, being on the other side of the planet.)
* Finally, at 5:17 a.m. EDT (0917 GMT) Thursday, the full moon of September will occur, since the moon will be exactly opposite the sun in the sky. This is a special full moon: It is the full moon closest to the equinox, known as the harvest moon.

So we have two planets and the moon directly opposite the sun within a two-day period. This means that all three will be grouped closely together in the sky.

Jay Strauss said...




Both show the US equities mkt in TROUBLE


Jay Strauss said...

What will the mkt respond to??

climbing a wall of ""PERCEIVED"" worry since March 9th,2009

But what HAPPENS when perception becomes REALITY- such a LEHMAN

AS a LEADING indicator, the TNX is without a rival

and it is NOT showing us a bull market for stocks


Jay Strauss said...

thanks for that update,
Planetary movement appears to be on the CUSP


cementzak said...

this looks like the Power Graph for the US Dollar