Wednesday, September 15, 2010


For comparison, we can see the OBV not keeping pace with the rise in stock prices at he end of the day. And so far the AM futures indicate an open at 1130 prior to 8:30.

Once again we see the PROBLEM associated with the CLOSE of the day verses the data STREAM which is continuous- WHERE to cut if off ??
Today was obviously NOT portrayed very well, and now we wait for 9:30 to publish
the 17th OVER the sneak preview
As we can see, the end of day today "" SHOULD"" sell off into tomorrow at 10am as the SNEAK PREVIEW indicates - Jay

Late sell off is indicated leading to a LOWER OPEN on Friday

Friday has a 10am has convergence
13hr pivot low
258Bars = 21 hr cycle pivot



Abdullah said...

Last week a regional bank just 4 miles up the road from me was taken over by the FDIC. It wasn't announced ahead of time, just one day out the blue.. boom... here comes the Feds. Do stocks usually move higher when banks are being closed? Nah, but hey this is such a different world, it has no resemblance to what a market should be.

Abdullah said...

Once again I have to ask the nagging question. Is this a market manipulation from the highest levels of Washington to try and help the incumbent politicians hold their jobs?

..It very well could be.

Abdullah said...

September being historically worse month of the year, it just made sense that everyone would short it and buy puts, and the market would run up to crush them. It's what they do. Well, options expires on Friday, so I am having a really hard time beliveing they can keep this going past late tomorrow. Unless Bernanke gives these guys the keys to the print press, I have to think we're in for a pretty good pull down very soon.

E said...

"Unless Bernanke gives these guys the keys to the print press ..."

You mean the keys to the helicopter, right? LOL

San said...

S&P 500 Futures before opening bell

KAVIAAR said...

feeding the Bear

AS said...

Jay - is there a timeframe for the high today - looking like 1 pm from your EKG ?

Jay Strauss said...

You are reading my thoughts

i was thinking 1pm also

we had 204bars at noon
and will have 228 bars at 2pm
next big time is 10am tomrrow morn

So, it would seem that 1pm might be a good as any time

There WONT be any rally today, and it would appear the bias is LOWER derived from multiple resources


Jay Strauss said...

OK, 1pm and the DOW is near FLAT
Im Short now


Jay Strauss said...

adding more at 3pm
228bars at 2pm offered a secondary low
2;30, dow is up about 13 pts
but SPX is OFF 1.95

which means there is a disparity of about 24 dow points

SPX leads the DOW lower


Jay Strauss said...

IF by some chance we get a 10am HIGH
then that will be the HOD, and the 2 days ths & fri will end up FLIPPED
as has happened several times b4.

The END of day for the EKG shows a decline from that SPURT as shown earlier today as a sneak peak


Jay Strauss said...

PC ratios are 80% BEARISH

jaywiz index = .26 first time under 50 in weeks