Thursday, September 02, 2010

Volume Losing steam

5 day/ 5 minute chart above shows OBV losing steam against the most recent rally

Yesterday's ARMS index was at .26 -- which is an extremely low value and the
Up vol was 25/1 and 96% positive

SOO, wheere the the-- are we??

What should we expect next ??

Lots of good news, beneficial data this week, Very positive sentiment
377 day cycle PEAK ??? , not a trough -possibly - one of you mentioned that last week.

26 hr cycle HIGH hit right at 10am - Dow
spx a tad higher at 11am, but still within the 26 hour orb
as 258bars hit at 10;30
April 26top @ 1220 dropped to 1040 on the flash crash
Binve- Columbia 1, notes this math relationship
180x 1.62% = 290 pts
1130 high of X wave - 290= spx 840

Also look at a similar relationship
Apr 26 @ 1220 - 1010 lo = 210 pts
1080 - 210 = 870

Lets also explore TIME relationships
377 & 144 today from previous lows appears as a possible HIGh, not a LOW
then what are next time segments to look for the next low??

October 4th is showing up as a possible target, How? you ask, good question
lets explore
Oct 4th, 2010 - 610 fibo days = May 6th, 2008 which was the LAST time we saw Dow 13k
May6th, 2008 - 144 Fibo = OCT 9th, 2007 TOP
SO we have to suspect a potential culmination on Oct 4th- HIGH or LOW ?

I'll post a chart From April 26th
and we'll continue from there on a new post

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