POWER DATA ONE WEEK AHEAD - Provides an 80% Correlation to the SPX

Friday, September 03, 2010


THis MIGHT BE A BETTER look at today's activity

the RUN UP recovered to 1105, and using fibo of 78% could have gotten to 1110 MAX.

There could be another runup later, but would probably not exceed the 10am high

Direction counts more than amplitude

Up days continue


KAVIAAR said...

that is correct Sir.

feeding the bull

San said...

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sirgiyan said...

Every time you say your magic phrase "feeding the bull" we sell off.
Why don't you give us some warning in advance before you say that - so we can short more.

KAVIAAR said...

i always say that my friend, the trend is up... you'll find out soon enough.

buy the dip.

Jay Strauss said...

Unlike the author of this blog, some are only here to jib & jab

The BuLLs ate the bear, but it might come roaring back as soon as Monday, if not even at today's close

MOre in a few minutes

KAVIAAR said...

but rally from 1037 to 1104,5 is pretty extended, i also took some profits...

will buy my shares back early next week

take care and have a great weekend

Abdullah said...

LOL, sometimes you really do have to laugh. we get another lousy jobs report, but they said it was better than it could have been. Then we get the non manufacturing ISM and it fell like a rock, yet they are ignoring it. The market is criminal.. and goes where they want it.

p.s. Another 5 billion dollars left mutual funds? Yessirree.. 5 billion more came out, and yet "up" we went.

Do you see the criminality here? It has nothing to do with reality.

more VXX in my holdings

AS said...

We could see 111 again or even 111.30 today ..